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Joseph's onging research interests cover the following themes:

1. Intergenerational effects of property rights reforms in developing countries

2. Long-term effects of civil conflicts in developing countries

3. Educational policy reforms and non-economic returns

4. Fertility, maternal and child health in developing countries

5. Urbanisation and household outcomes

6. Deforestation and its implications in developing countries

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Impact of Intergovernmental Transfers on Household Multidimensional Well-Being, Ajefu, J., Ogebe, J. 7 Nov 2022, In: Journal of Development Studies
  • Reforming of Women’s Litigant Rights and Child Wellbeing: Evidence from Nigeria, Efobi, U., Ajefu, J. 18 Aug 2022, In: Journal of Development Studies
  • The association between terrorist attacks and mental health: evidence from Nigeria, Ajefu, J., Sonne, S. 6 May 2022, In: Oxford Development Studies
  • The impact of timing of in utero drought shocks on birth outcomes in rural households: evidence from Sierra Leone, Abiona, O., Ajefu, J. 7 Oct 2022, In: Journal of Population Economics
  • Women’s Inheritance Rights and Child Health Outcomes in India, Ajefu, J., Singh, N., Ali, S., Efobi, U. 3 Apr 2022, In: Journal of Development Studies
  • Coping with negative shocks and the role of the farm input subsidy programme in rural Malawi, Ajefu, J., Efobi, U., Beecroft, I. 1 Oct 2021, In: Environment and Development Economics
  • Economic and political determinants of the South African labour share, 1971–2019, Gouzoulis, G., Constantine, C., Ajefu, J. 19 Dec 2021, In: Economic and Industrial Democracy
  • The Effects of International Remittances on Expenditure Patterns of the Left-Behind Households in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ajefu, J., Ogebe, J. 1 Feb 2021, In: Review of Development Economics
  • The impact of financial inclusion on sectoral economic growth, Demir, A., Ajefu, J., Bukhari, K., Murinde, V. 19 Oct 2021, Inclusive Financial Development, Cheltenham, Glos, Edward Elgar
  • The Long-term Effects of Violent Conflict on Women’s Intra-Household Decision-Making Power, Ajefu, J., Casale, D. 3 Oct 2021, In: Journal of Development Studies

  • Economics PhD January 21 2016
  • Economics MSc December 10 2010

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