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Key Publications

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  • Age related changes of rib cortical bone matrix and the application to forensic age-at-death estimation, Bonicelli, A., Zioupos, P., Arnold, E., Rogers, K., Xhemali, B., Kranioti, E. Dec 2021, In: Scientific Reports
  • Assessing bone maturity: Compositional and mechanical properties of rib cortical bone at different ages, Bonicelli, A., Kranioti, E., Xhemali, B., Arnold, E., Zioupos, P. 27 Nov 2021, In: Bone
  • Bone Diagenesis in Short Timescales: Insights from an Exploratory Proteomic Analysis, Procopio, N., Mein, C., Starace, S., Bonicelli, A., Williams, A. 23 May 2021, In: Biology
  • Human Bone Proteomes before and after Decomposition: Investigating the effects of Biological Variation and Taphonomic Alteration on Bone Protein Profiles and the Implications for Forensic Proteomics, Mickleburgh, H., Schwalbe, E., Bonicelli, A., Mizukami, H., Sellitto, F., Starace, S., Wescott, D., Carter, D., Procopio, N. 7 May 2021, In: Journal of Proteome Research
  • Rib histomorphometry: A reliability and validation study with a critical review of histological techniques for forensic age estimation, García-Donas, J., Bonicelli, A., Scholl, A., Lill, C., Paine, R., Kranioti, E. 1 Mar 2021, In: Legal Medicine
  • Bone histomorphometry of the clavicle in a forensic sample from Albania, Kranioti, E., Michopoulou, E., Tsiminikaki, K., Bonicelli, A., Kalochristianakis, M., Xhemali, B., Paine, R., García-Donas, J. 1 Aug 2020, In: Forensic Science International
  • The posterior portion of the ilium as a sex indicator: A validation study, Bonczarowska, J., Bonicelli, A., Papadomanolakis, A., Kranioti, E. 1 Jan 2019, In: Forensic Science International
  • Rib biomechanical properties exhibit diagnostic potential for accurate ageing in forensic investigations, Bonicelli, A., Xhemali, B., Kranioti, E., Zioupos, P., Reilly, G. 17 May 2017, In: PLoS One


PhD January 12 2021

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