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Key Publications

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  • Associations between heteronormative information, parental support and stress among same‐sex mothers in Sweden—A web survey, Appelgren Engström, H., Borneskog, C., Loeb, C., Häggström‐Nordin, E., Almqvist, A. 8 Jul 2021, In: Nursing Open
  • Changes in sexual behavior among high-school students over a 40-year period, Borneskog, C., Häggström-Nordin, E., Stenhammar, C., Tydén, T., Iliadis, S. 7 Jul 2021, In: Scientific Reports
  • Mothers in Same-Sex Relationships - Striving for Equal Parenthood: A Grounded Theory Study, Engström, H., Häggström-Nordin, E., Borneskog, C., Almqvist, A. 1 Oct 2019, In: Journal of Clinical Nursing
  • Mothers in Same-Sex Relationships Describe the Process of Forming a Family as a Stressful Journey in a Heteronormative World: A Swedish Grounded Theory Study, Appelgren Engström, H., Häggström-Nordin, E., Borneskog, C., Almqvist, A. 1 Oct 2018, In: Maternal and Child Health Journal
  • “Qualified but not competent enough”: Health workers’ assessment of their competence in relation to caring for sexually abused women in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Kabouru, B., Borneskog, C., Adolfsson, A., Namegabe, E., Andersson, G. 14 May 2015, In: Journal of Nursing Education and Practice
  • How do lesbian couples compare with heterosexual in vitro fertilization and spontaneously pregnant couples when it comes to parenting stress?, Borneskog, C., Lampic, C., Sydsjö, G., Bladh, M., Skoog Svanberg, A. 1 May 2014, In: Acta Paediatrica, International Journal of Paediatrics
  • Knowledge and Attitudes towards Sexual Violence in Conflict-Affected Rural Communities in the Walikale District, DR Congo: Implications for Rural Health Services, Kabouru, B., Andersson, G., Adolfsson, A., Borneskog, C., Namegabe, E. 17 Dec 2014, In: Annals of Public Health and Research
  • Relationship satisfaction in lesbian and heterosexual couples before and after assisted reproduction: a longitudinal follow-up study, Borneskog, C., Lampic, C., Sydsjö, G., Bladh, M., Svanberg, A. 12 Dec 2014, In: BMC Women's Health
  • Same, same but different: Lesbian couples undergoing sperm donation, Borneskog, D. 13 Dec 2013
  • Symptoms of anxiety and depression in lesbian couples treated with donated sperm: a descriptive study, Borneskog, C., Sydsjö, G., Lampic, C., Bladh, M., Svanberg, A. 1 Jun 2013, In: BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

PGR Supervision

  • Sarah Chalhoub Healthy Ageing-Female Sexuality and Psychological Wellbeing Start Date: 18/01/2021
  • Cheryl Dunn Psychological health and adaptation to motherhood in women with advanced reproductive age. Start Date: 01/10/2019


Medicine PhD December 13 2013

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