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Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Diversity management

Working mothers


Key Publications

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  • Retaining repatriates: the role of career derailment upon repatriation and how it can be mitigated, Breitenmoser, A., Bader, A. 12 Apr 2021, In: The International Journal of Human Resource Management
  • Can we release the brake on the career re-entry of mothers?: A UK perspective, Bader, A., Blenkinsopp, J. 19 May 2020, Career Dynamics in a Global World, Cheltenham, Edwin Elgar
  • Foreign and domestic company attractiveness to host national employees in Japan: A person–organization fit and image theory perspective, Peltokorpi, V., Bader, A., Froese, F. 1 Dec 2019, In: International Journal of Selection and Assessment
  • Promoting gender equality in a challenging environment: The case of Scandinavian subsidiaries in Japan, Kemper, L., Bader, A., Froese, F. 4 Feb 2019, In: Personnel Review
  • Terrorism and expatriates' withdrawal cognitions: Differential role of the work and non-work domains, Bader, A., Reade, C., Froese, F. 17 Jun 2019, In: The International Journal of Human Resource Management
  • The dark side of expatriation: dysfunctional relationships, expatriate crises, predjudice and a VUCA world, Bader, B., Schuster, T., Bader, A., Shaffer, M. 10 Jun 2019, In: Journal of Global Mobility
  • Who promotes a value-in-diversity perspective?: A fuzzy set analysis of executives’ individual and organizational characteristics, Bader, A., Kemper, L., Froese, F. 1 Mar 2019, In: Human Resource Management
  • Clash of cultures? German expatriates' work-life boundary adjustment in South Korea, Bader, A., Froese, F., Kraeh, A. 2018, In: European Management Review
  • Institutional discrimination of women and workplace harassment of female expatriates: Evidence from 25 host countries, Bader, B., Stoermer, S., Bader, A., Schuster, T. 12 Mar 2018, In: Journal of Global Mobility
  • Organizational cynicism in multinational corporations in China, Schmitz, M., Froese, F., Bader, A. 20 Oct 2018, In: Asia Pacific Business Review


  • Business Administration PhD May 15 2012
  • Education (other/general) Diploma November 13 2007

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