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Dr Rajesh Bommareddy

VC Fellow

Department: Applied Sciences

Rajesh Bommareddy

Key Publications

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  • Engineering Cupriavidus necator H16 for the autotrophic production of (R)-1,3-butanediol, Gascoyne, J., Bommareddy, R., Heeb, S., Malys, N. 1 Sep 2021, In: Metabolic Engineering
  • Engineering improved ethylene production: Leveraging systems Biology and adaptive laboratory evolution, Vaud, S., Pearcy, N., Hanževački, M., Van Hagen, A., Abdelrazig, S., Safo, L., Ehsaan, M., Jonczyk, M., Millat, T., Craig, S., Spence, E., Fothergill, J., Bommareddy, R., Colin, P., Twycross, J., Dalby, P., Minton, N., Jäger, C., Kim, D., Yu, J., Maness, P., Lynch, S., Eckert, C., Conradie, A., Bryan, S. 1 Sep 2021, In: Metabolic Engineering
  • Reconciling the sustainable manufacturing of commodity chemicals with feasible technoeconomic outcomes: Assessing the investment case for heat integrated aerobic gas fermentation, Rodgers, S., Conradie, A., King, R., Poulston, S., Hayes, M., Bommareddy, R., Meng, F., McKechnie, J. 1 Jul 2021, In: Johnson Matthey Technology Review
  • Valorisation of Xylose to Renewable Fuels and Chemicals, an Essential Step in Augmenting the Commercial Viability of Lignocellulosic Biorefineries, Narisetty, V., Cox, R., Bommareddy, R., Agrawal, D., Ahmad, ., Pant, K., Chandel, A., Bhatia, S., Kumar, D., Parameswaran, B., Gupta, V., Kumar, V. 26 Oct 2021, In: Sustainable Energy and Fuels
  • A Sustainable Chemicals Manufacturing Paradigm Using CO2 and Renewable H2, Bommareddy, R., Wang, Y., Pearcy, N., Hayes, M., Lester, E., Minton, N., Conradie, A. 26 Jun 2020, In: iScience
  • Nanorg Microbial Factories: Light-Driven Renewable Biochemical Synthesis Using Quantum Dot-Bacteria Nanobiohybrids, Ding, Y., Bertram, J., Eckert, C., Bommareddy, R., Patel, R., Conradie, A., Bryan, S., Nagpal, P. 3 Jul 2019, In: Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • Glucose-mediated regulation of glycerol uptake in Rhodosporidium toruloides: Insights through transcriptomic analysis on dual substrate fermentation, Bommareddy, R., Sabra, W., Zeng, A. 1 Mar 2017, In: Engineering in Life Sciences
  • Substrates and oxygen dependent citric acid production by Yarrowia lipolytica: insights through transcriptome and fluxome analyses, Bommareddy, R., Sabra, W. 8 May 2017, In: Microbial Cell Factories
  • Metabolic network analysis and experimental study of lipid production in Rhodosporidium toruloides grown on single and mixed substrates, Bommareddy, R. 18 Mar 2015, In: Microbial Cell Factories
  • A de novo NADPH generation pathway for improving lysine production of Corynebacterium glutamicum by rational design of the coenzyme specificity of glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, Bommareddy, R., Chen, Z., Rappert, S., Zeng, A. 1 Sep 2014, In: Metabolic Engineering

PGR Supervision

Toby Davies Valorisation of Domestic Waste for the Production of Value-Added Compounds Start Date: 01/10/2020


Biological Sciences PhD October 21 2014

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