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Key Publications

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  • The returns to invention during the British industrial revolution, Bottomley, S. 23 May 2019, In: The Economic History Review
  • Mansell v Bunger (1626), Bottomley, S. 2017, Landmark Cases in Intellectual Property, Hart
  • The origins of trade secrecy law in England, 1600-1851, Bottomley, S. 2 Sep 2017, In: Journal of Legal History
  • Patent cases in the Court of Chancery, 1714-1758, Bottomley, S. 2 Jan 2014, In: Journal of Legal History
  • Patenting in England, Scotland and Ireland during the industrial revolution, 1700-1852, Bottomley, S. 1 Oct 2014, In: Explorations in Economic History
  • The British patent system during the industrial revolution, 1700-1852: from privilege to property, Bottomley, S. 15 Oct 2014


History PhD January 01 2009

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