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Dr Thomas Bauska

Senior Lecturer

Department: Geography and Environmental Sciences

Key Publications

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  • Is the noble gas‐based rate of ocean warming during the Younger Dryas overestimated?, Shackleton, S., Bereiter, B., Baggenstos, D., Bauska, T., Brook, E., Marcott, S., Severinghaus, J. 7 Jun 2019, In: Geophysical Research Letters
  • Quantification of drought during the collapse of the classic Maya civilization, Evans, N., Bauska, T., Gázquez-Sánchez, F., Brenner, M., Curtis, J., Hodell, D. 3 Aug 2018, In: Science
  • Minimal geological methane emissions during the Younger Dryas–Preboreal abrupt warming event, Petrenko, V., Smith, A., Schaefer, H., Riedel, K., Brook, E., Baggenstos, D., Harth, C., Hua, Q., Buizert, C., Schilt, A., Fain, X., Mitchell, L., Bauska, T., Orsi, A., Weiss, R., Severinghaus, J. 23 Aug 2017, In: Nature
  • Carbon isotopes characterize rapid changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide during the last deglaciation, Bauska, T., Baggenstos, D., Brook, E., Mix, A., Marcott, S., Petrenko, V., Schaefer, H., Severinghaus, J., Lee, J. 29 Mar 2016, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • Precise interpolar phasing of abrupt climate change during the last ice age, Buizert, C., Adrian, B., Ahn, J., Albert, M., Alley, R., Baggenstos, D., Bauska, T., Bay, R., Bencivengo, B., Bentley, C., Brook, E., Chellman, N., Clow, G., Cole-Dai, J., Conway, H., Cravens, E., Cuffey, K., Dunbar, N., Edwards, J., Fegyveresi, J., Ferris, D., Fitzpatrick, J., Fudge, T., Gibson, C., Gkinis, V., Goetz, J., Gregory, S., Hargreaves, G., Iverson, N., Johnson, J., Jones, T., Kalk, M., Kippenhan, M., Koffman, B., Kreutz, K., Kuhl, T., Lebar, D., Lee, J., Marcott, S., Markle, B., Maselli, O., McConnell, J., McGwire, K., Mitchell, L., Mortensen, N., Neff, P., Nishiizumi, K., Nunn, R., Orsi, A., Rhodes, R. 30 Apr 2015, In: Nature
  • Links between atmospheric carbon dioxide, the land carbon reservoir and climate over the past millennium, Bauska, T., Joos, F., Mix, A., Roth, R., Ahn, J., Brook, E. 27 Apr 2015, In: Nature Geoscience
  • Isotopic constraints on marine and terrestrial N2O emissions during the last deglaciation, Schilt, A., Brook, E., Bauska, T., Baggenstos, D., Fischer, H., Joos, F., Petrenko, V., Schaefer, H., Schmitt, J., Severinghaus, J., Spahni, R., Stocker, T. 10 Dec 2014, In: Nature
  • Centennial-scale changes in the global carbon cycle during the last deglaciation, Marcott, S., Bauska, T., Buizert, C., Steig, E., Rosen, J., Cuffey, K., Fudge, T., Severinghaus, J., Ahn, J., Kalk, M., Mcconnell, J., Sowers, T., Taylor, K., White, J., Brook, E. 29 Oct 2014, In: Nature


PhD June 30 2015


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