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Key Publications

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  • Albert Gore, Sr.: A Political Life, Badger, T. 2 Oct 2018
  • How Dismal is the Future of American Politics?, Badger, T. 19 May 2014, The 19th Annual Douglas W. Bryant Lecture
  • Albert Gore Sr., Liberalism and the South in the 1960s, Badger, T. 2012, Making Sense of American Liberalism, Illinois, USA, University of Illinois Press
  • The Lessons of the New Deal: Did Obama Learn the Right Ones?, Badger, T. 25 Jan 2012, In: History
  • FDR: A model for Obama?, Badger, T. 26 Jan 2009, In: The Nation
  • Shapers of Southern History: Autobiographical reflections, Badger, T. Feb 2006, In: Arts and Humanities in Higher Education
  • Brown and Backlash, Badger, T. 2005, Massive Resistance: Southern Opposition to the Second Reconstruction, Oxford, Oxford University Press
  • Southerners who refused to sign the Southern Manifesto, Badger, T. 8 Sep 2000, In: The Historical Journal
  • The New Deal: The Depression Years 1933-1940, Badger, T. 1989
  • North Carolina and the New Deal, Badger, T. 1981

PGR Supervision

Jack Hodgson Contested citizens: transient and migratory youths in California during the Great Depression Start Date: 01/07/2019 End Date: 01/07/2019


Other Courses PhD October 01 2014

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