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Dr Madeleine Combrinck

Senior Lecturer

Department: Mechanical and Construction Engineering

Key Publications

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  • Eulerian Derivation of the Conservation Equation for Energy in a Non-Inertial Frame of Reference in Arbitrary Motion, Musehane, N., Combrinck, M., Dala, L. 18 Jan 2021, In: Applied Mathematics and Computation
  • Waste-to-energy conversion technologies in the UK, Foster, W., Azimov, U., Gauthier-Maradei, P., Castro Molano, L., Combrinck, M., Munoz, J., Jaimes Esteves, J., Patino, L. 1 Jan 2021, In: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
  • A Note on the Non-Inertial Similarity Solution for Von Kármán Swirling Flow, Combrinck, M. 9 Oct 2020, In: Modern Physics Letters B
  • Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement of a Water/Ethylene Glycol Mixture with Al2O3-TiO2 Nanoparticles, Alshehri, F., Goraniya , J., Combrinck, M. 15 Mar 2020, In: Applied Mathematics and Computation
  • Solution Blow Spinning of High-Performance Submicron Polyvinylidene Fluoride Fibres: Computational Fluid Mechanics Modelling and Experimental Results, Rasheed, A., Combrinck, M., Khaliq, J., Hassanin, A., Shehata, N., Elnabawy, E., Shyha, I. 16 May 2020, In: Polymers
  • Solution Blow Spinning of Polyvinylidene Fluoride Based Fibers for Energy Harvesting Applications, Rasheed, A., Khaliq, J., Combrinck, M., Hassanin, A., Shehata, N., Elnabawy, E., Shyha, I. 7 Jun 2020, In: Polymers
  • The effect of the cone rotation in the supersonic gas flow on the velocity propagation of perturbations in the boundary layer, Dala, L., Combrink, M., Lipatov, I., Ustinov, I. 12 Oct 2020, In: Acta Astronautica
  • Wind and seed, Combrinck, M., Harms, T., McGeoch, M., Schoombie, J., le Roux, P. 1 Oct 2020, In: Plant and Soil
  • Computational Investigating the Combination of Finned Heat Sink and Phase Change Material as a Cooling Technology for a Solar Panel to be Applied in Arid Areas, Elamaireh, A., Goraniya, J., Combrinck, M. 1 Nov 2019, In: International Journal of Energy and Environment
  • Eulerian derivation of non-inertial Navier–Stokes and boundary layer equations for incompressible flow in constant pure rotation, Combrinck, M., Dala, L., Lipatov, I. 1 Sep 2017, In: European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids


Engineering PhD April 30 2017

PGR Supervision

Ndivhuwo Musehane Start: 01/10/2018

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