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Aerospace and Defence Systems

Missile, projectile, grenade, and mortar design and aerodynamics

Rocket nozzle optimisation

Shaped charge configuration and optimisation

Ballistic process modelling and simulation

Marine propeller efficiency studies

Other compressible flow, high speed applications

Renewable Energy Systems

Fuel poverty studies

Combine heat and power solutions

Waste-to-Energy studies

Anaerobic digesters

Organic Rankine Cycles

Fundamental Research

Boundary layer studies

Accelerating and decelerating flow investigations

Similarity solutions for non-inertial flows

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  • A Computational Fluid Dynamic investigation of a Data Centre employing Rear Door Heat Exchangers, Busby, M., Green, D., Combrinck, M. 30 Apr 2022, In: Journal of Engineering Technology and Applied Sciences
  • Fuel poverty and low carbon emissions: a comparative study of the feasibility of the hybrid renewable energy systems incorporating combined heat and power technology, Rzetelska, D., Combrinck, M. 1 Apr 2022, In: Frontiers in Energy
  • Modeling and optimization of combined cooling, heating and power systems with integrated biogas upgrading, Castley, J., Azimov, U., Combrinck, M., Xing, L. 25 Jun 2022, In: Applied Thermal Engineering
  • Velocity tracking of shaped charge wire formation and propagation toward the target, Combrinck, M., Gadal, T., Hargreaves, A., Martin, J. 4 Jun 2022, In: Journal of Energetic Materials
  • An analysis of alternative refrigerants to optimise the performance of a vapour compression refrigeration cycle, Brown, A., Combrinck, M., Edge, J. Dec 2021, In: International Journal of Energy and Environment
  • Eulerian Derivation of the Conservation Equation for Energy in a Non-Inertial Frame of Reference in Arbitrary Motion, Musehane, N., Combrinck, M., Dala, L. 15 Jun 2021, In: Applied Mathematics and Computation
  • Simulating Turbulent Air Flow Past a Hemispherical Body, Meas, M., Bruwer, J., Combrinck, M., Harms, T. 12 Oct 2021, In: R&D Journal of the South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering
  • Solution Blow Spinning of Piezoelectric Nanofiber Mat for Detecting Mechanical and Acoustic Signals, Elnabawy, E., Farag, M., Soliman, A., Mahmoud, K., Shehata, N., Nair, R., Kandas, I., Rasheed, A., Combrinck, M., Khaliq, J., Shyha, I., Kilic, A., Hassanin, A. 5 Dec 2021, In: Journal of Applied Polymer Science
  • Study of Air Pressure and Velocity for Solution Blow Spinning of Polyvinylidene Fluoride Nanofibres, Rasheed, A., Combrinck, M., Khaliq, J., Martin, J., Hassanin, A., Shehata, N., Elnabawy, E., Shyha, I. 8 Jun 2021, In: Processes

Ndivhuwo Musehane Characterisation of Thermal Boundary Layers in Arbitrary Motion Start Date: 01/10/2018

Engineering PhD April 30 2017

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