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Nikolaos Chynkiamis

Postgraduate Associate

Department: Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation


Sports Science MSc September 01 2016

Key Publications

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  • Effect of Portable Non-Invasive Ventilation on Exercise Tolerance in COPD: One Size Does Not Fit All, Chynkiamis, N., Armstrong, M., Hume, E., Alexiou, C., Snow, L., Lane, N., Hartley, T., Bourke, S., Vogiatzis, I. 1 Jun 2020, In: Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology
  • Greater exercise tolerance in COPD during acute interval, compared to equivalent constant‐load, cycle exercise: physiological mechanisms, Louvaris, Z., Chynkiamis, N., Spetsioti, S., Asimakos, A., Zakynthinos, S., Wagner, P., Vogiatzis, I. 30 May 2020, In: Journal of Physiology
  • Walking-related digital mobility outcomes as clinical trial endpoint measures: protocol for a scoping review, Polhemus, A., Bergquist, R., Bosch De Basea, M., Brittain, G., Buttery, S., Chynkiamis, N., Dalla Costa, G., Delgado Ortiz, L., Demeyer, H., Emmert, K., Garcia Aymerich, J., Gassner, H., Hansen, C., Hopkinson, N., Klucken, J., Kluge, F., Koch, S., Leocani, L., Maetzler, W., Micó Amigo, E., Mikolaizak, A., Piraino, P., Salis, F., Schlenstedt, C., Schwickert, L., Scott, K., Sharrack, B., Taraldsen, K., Troosters, T., Vereijken, B., Vogiatzis, I., Yarnall, A., Mazza, C., Becker, C., Rochester, L., Puhan, M., Frei, A. Jul 2020, In: BMJ Open
  • Cardiac output measurement during exercise in COPD, Louvaris, Z., Spetsioti, S., Andrianopoulos, V., Chynkiamis, N., Habazettl, H., Wagner, H., Zakynthinos, S., Wagner, P., Vogiatzis, I. 1 Apr 2019, In: Clinical Respiratory Journal
  • Hemodynamic effects of portable non-invasive ventilation in healthy men, Chynkiamis, N., Armstrong, M., Manifield, J., Hume, E., Reilly, C., Aliverti, A., O'Doherty, A., Vogiatzis, I. 1 Oct 2019, In: Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology
  • Intermittent Use of Portable NIV Increases Exercise Tolerance in COPD: A Randomised, Cross-Over Trial, Vogiatzis, I., Chynkiamis, N., Armstrong, M., Lane, N., Hartley, T., Gray, W., Bourke, S. 15 Jan 2019, In: Journal of Clinical Medicine
  • Use of pedometers as a tool to promote daily physical activity levels in patients with COPD: a systematic review and meta-analysis, Armstrong, M., Winnard, A., Chynkiamis, N., Boyle, S., Burtin, C., Vogiatzis, I. 13 Nov 2019, In: European Respiratory Review
  • Home-based maintenance tele-rehabilitation reduces the risk for acute exacerbations of COPD, hospitalisations and emergency department visits, Vasilopoulou, M., Papaioannou, A., Kaltsakas, G., Louvaris, Z., Chynkiamis, N., Spetsioti, S., Kortianou, E., Genimata, S., Palamidas, A., Kostikas, K., Koulouris, N., Vogiatzis, I. 25 May 2017, In: European Respiratory Journal


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