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  • Preparing a Public Perception Study inn the use of Violent Resistance as Self-Defence in Domestic Abuse Cases, Bettinson, V., Crofts, T., Wake, N. Aug 2024, Research Handbook on Domestic Violence, Edward Elgar
  • Act now: raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility, Crofts, T. 2 Jan 2023, In: Current Issues in Criminal Justice
  • The Logic and Value of the Presumption of Doli Incapax (Failing That, an Incapacity Defence) , Hamer, D., Crofts, T. 4 Oct 2023, In: Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
  • Reforming non-consensual sexual offences in Hong Kong: How do the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong's proposals compare with recent recommendations in other jurisdictions?, Dyer, A., Crofts, T. 1 Sep 2022, In: Common Law World Review
  • Sexting in Hong Kong: a complex interplay between young people, technology, and law, Crofts, T., Burke, J. 2 Jan 2022, In: Asia Pacific Law Review
  • The use of intermediaries for young defendants: overcoming barriers to young people’s participation in criminal proceedings, Arthur, R., Crofts, T. 4 Jul 2022, In: Child and Family Law Quarterly
  • Diminished Responsibility Determinations in England and Wales and New South Wales: Whose Role is it Anyway?, Crofts, T., Wake, N. 16 Sep 2021, In: Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly
  • Legislative approaches to recognising the vulnerability of young people and preventing their criminalisation, Wake, N., Arthur, R., Crofts, T., Lambert, S. Jan 2021, In: Public law
  • Male Sex Work and the Law: Regulation of Men Selling Sex within the Context of Female Sex Work, Crofts, T., Orchiston, A. 22 Apr 2021, The Routledge Handbook of Male Sex Work, Culture, and Society, London, Taylor & Francis
  • Barriers stopping LGBTI people from accessing LGBTI police liaison officers: analysing interviews with community and police , Dwyer, A., Ball, M., Lee, M., Crofts, T., Bond, C. Jul 2020, In: Criminal Justice Studies

Law PhD February 02 2001

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