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Key Publications

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  • Functional behaviour of spinal muscles after training with an exercise device developed to recruit and train postural muscles, Weber, T., Salomoni, S., Debuse, D., Hug, F., Caplan, N., De Martino, E., Scott, J., Hides, J., Hodges, P. Oct 2018, In: Gait and Posture
  • Trunk muscle activation during movement with a new exercise device for lumbo‐pelvic reconditioning, Weber, T., Debuse, D., Salomoni, S., Elgueta Cancino, E., De Martino, E., Caplan, N., Damann, V., Scott, J., Hodges, P. 20 Mar 2017, In: Physiological Reports


Medicine PhD April 01 2018

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