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Further Information

I participate in the EU COST Action MAGNETOFON, WG1: All-optical switching / manipulation of magnetisation

Key Publications

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  • Dynamics of reconfigurable artificial spin ice: Toward magnonic functional materials, Gliga, S., Iacocca, E., Heinonen, O. Apr 2020, In: APL Materials
  • Tailoring Spin-Wave Channels in a Reconfigurable Artificial Spin Ice, Iacocca, E., Gliga, S., Heinonen, O. 17 Apr 2020, In: Physical Review Applied
  • Hydrodynamic description of long-distance spin transport through noncollinear magnetization states, Iacocca, E., Hoefer, M. 3 May 2019, In: Physical Review B
  • Magnonic Band Structure Established by Chiral Spin-Density Waves in Thin-Film Ferromagnets, Sprenger, P., Hoefer, M., Iacocca, E. 7 Mar 2019, In: IEEE Magnetics Letters
  • Perspectives on spin hydrodynamics in ferromagnetic materials, Iacocca, E., Hoefer, M. 5 Oct 2019, In: Physics Letters A
  • Spin-current-mediated rapid magnon localisation and coalescence after ultrafast optical pumping of ferrimagnetic alloys, Iacocca, E., Liu, T., Reid, A., Fu, Z., Ruta, S., Granitzka, P., Jai, E., Bonetti, S., Gray, A., Graves, C., Kukreja, R., Chen, Z., Higley, D., Chase, T., Le Guyader, L., Hirsch, K., Ohldag, H., Schlotter, W., Dakovski, G., Coslovich, G., Hoffmann, M., Carron, S., Tsukamoto, A., Kirilyuk, A., Kimel, A., Rasing, T., Stöhr, J., Evans, R., Ostler, T., Chantrell, R., Hoefer, M., Silva, T., Dürr, H. 15 Apr 2019, In: Nature Communications
  • Transverse instabilities of stripe domains in magnetic thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, Ruth, M., Iacocca, E., Kevrekidis, P., Hoefer, M. 30 Mar 2018, In: Physical Review B
  • A high-speed single sideband generator using a magnetic tunnel junction spin torque nano-oscillator, Sharma, R., Sisodia, N., Iacocca, E., Awad, A., Åkerman, J., Muduli, P. 18 Oct 2017, In: Scientific Reports
  • Breaking of Galilean Invariance in the Hydrodynamic Formulation of Ferromagnetic Thin Films, Iacocca, E., Silva, T., Hoefer, M. 6 Jan 2017, In: Physical Review Letters
  • Long-range mutual synchronization of spin Hall nano-oscillators, Awad, A., Dürrenfeld, P., Houshang, A., Dvornik, M., Iacocca, E., Dumas, R., Åkerman, J. Mar 2017, In: Nature Physics

Professional Activity


  • Physics PhD August 30 2014
  • Member of the Institute of Physics MInstP 2019
  • Member of IEEE Magnetics Society 2008

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Spin hydrodynamics, including dispersive hydrodynamics in solid-state magnetism and long-distance spin transport

Ultrafast and rapid magnetisation dynamics

Linear and nonlinear waves in artificial spin ice

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