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Dr Konstantinos Karampelas

Research Fellow

Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

I come from Greece and I am currently a research fellow at Northumbria University. I finished my BSc in Physics and MSc in Astrophysics from University of Athens. I got my PhD degree in Mathematics from KU Leuven, Belgium, with my doctoral studies revolving around numerical simulations of MHD Alfvenic waves in coronal loops.

After four years as a doctoral student at KU Leuven, I received an 1-year postdoctoral mandate (PDM - Internal Funds) for a short postdoctoral research project at KU Leuven. Towards the end of my first postdoc, I was granted a 3-year FWO fellowship from Research Foundation - Flanders with the support of KU Leuven. This fellowship is temporarily suspended, as I am currently working as a research fellow at Northumbria University.

My research interest include numerical modeling of waves and oscillations in the Solar Atmosphere, instabilities of oscillating coronal loops, coronal seismology, the mass-energy flow across the solar atmosphere and magnetic reconnection and the Coronal Heating Problem.

Konstantinos Karampelas

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

1. I am interested in numerical simulations, with a focus on magnetohydrodynamics and forward modeling.
2. I have worked extensively on waves, oscillations and instabilities in solar coronal loops.
3. I am interested in coronal seismology (i.e. determining physical quantities at the solar atmosphere through the study of waves).
4. I am also involved in the study of the Coronal Heating Problem (i.e. the sustain of a hot solar atmosphere).
5. I have also an interest in the energy-mass flow across the solar atmopshere.
6. Currently, I am working on magnetic reconnection in the solar atmosphere, and more specifically on Oscillatory Reconnection.

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Oscillatory Reconnection of a 2D X-point in a hot coronal plasma, Karampelas, K., McLaughlin, J., Botha, G., Regnier, S. 1 Feb 2022, In: Astrophysical Journal
  • Probing the Physics of the Solar Atmosphere with the Multi-slit Solar Explorer (MUSE). I. Coronal Heating, De Pontieu, B., Testa, P., Martínez-Sykora, J., Antolin, P., Karampelas, K., Hansteen, V., Rempel, M., Cheung, M., Reale, F., Danilovic, S., Pagano, P., Polito, V., De Moortel, I., Nóbrega-Siverio, D., Van Doorsselaere, T., Petralia, A., Asgari-Targhi, M., Boerner, P., Carlsson, M., Chintzoglou, G., Daw, A., DeLuca, E., Golub, L., Matsumoto, T., Ugarte-Urra, I., McIntosh, S. 1 Feb 2022, In: The Astrophysical Journal
  • The First 3D Coronal Loop Model Heated by MHD Waves against Radiative Losses, Shi, M., Van Doorsselaere, T., Guo, M., Karampelas, K., Li, B., Antolin, P. Feb 2021, In: Astrophysical Journal
  • Transverse Loop Oscillations via Vortex Shedding: A Self-oscillating Process, Karampelas, K., Van Doorsselaere, T. 10 Feb 2021, In: Astrophysical Journal Letters
  • Estimating the Energy Dissipation from Kelvin–Helmholtz Instability Induced Turbulence in Oscillating Coronal Loops, Hillier, A., Doorsselaere, T., Karampelas, K. 1 Jul 2020, In: The Astrophysical Journal
  • Generating Transverse Loop Oscillations through a Steady-flow Driver, Karampelas, K., Doorsselaere, T. 13 Jul 2020, In: The Astrophysical Journal
  • Amplitudes and energy fluxes of simulated decayless kink oscillations, Karampelas, K., Van Doorsselaere, T., Pascoe, D., Guo, M., Antolin, P. 21 May 2019, In: Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences
  • Coronal Loop Transverse Oscillations Excited by Different Driver Frequencies, Afanasyev, A., Karampelas, K., Van Doorsselaere, T. 8 May 2019, In: The Astrophysical Journal
  • Heating effects from driven transverse and Alfvén waves in coronal loops, Guo, M., Van Doorsselaere, T., Karampelas, K., Li, B., Antolin, P., De Moortel, I. 10 Jan 2019, In: Astrophysical Journal
  • Wave heating in gravitationally stratified coronal loops in the presence of resistivity and viscosity, Karampelas, K., Doorsselaere, T., Guo, M. Mar 2019, In: Astronomy & Astrophysics

Further Information


01.11.2020 - 30.09.2025: FWO Junior Postdoctoral Fellow at KU Leuven (CmPA, D. Mathematics), Belgium, (granted, temporarily suspended)
01.10.2020 - ongoing: Research Fellow at Northumbria University (Solar Physics group, Department of Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering), UK
26.10.2019 - 30.09.2020: Postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven (CmPA, D. Mathematics), Belgium
26.10.2015 - 25.10.2019: PhD researcher at KU Leuven (CmPA, D. Mathematics), Belgium

Career Highlights

1. Recipient of a Junior Postdoctoral Fellowship from FWO Vlaanderen (grant number 1273221N).
2. Recipient of Postdoctoral mandate from KU Leuven Internal Funds (PDM/2019).
3. Participation in 13 refereed publications.
4. 4 years teaching experience (Fluid Dynamics, Calculus II, Differential Equations).


  • Mathematics PhD August 31 2019
  • Astrophysics MSc February 01 2014
  • Physics BSc October 01 2012

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