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Key Publications

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  • An efficient reinforcement learning-based Botnet detection approach, Alauthman, M., Aslam, N., Alkasassbeh, M., Khan, S., AL-qerem, A., Raymond Choo, K. 15 Jan 2020, In: Journal of Network and Computer Applications
  • A Fog-centric Secure Cloud Storage Scheme, Ahsan, M., Ali, I., Imran, M., Idna Idris, M., Khan, S., Khan, A. 6 May 2019, In: IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing
  • An improved port knocking authentication framework for mobile cloud computing, Shiraz, M., Boroumand, L., Gani, A., Khan, S. 29 Oct 2019, In: Malaysian Journal of Computer Science
  • A Novel Bio-Inspired Hybrid Algorithm (NBIHA) for Efficient Resource Management in Fog Computing, Rafique, H., Ali Shah, M., Ul Islam, S., Maqsood, T., Khan, S., Maple, C. 31 Aug 2019, In: IEEE Access
  • A Security-Enhanced Cluster Size Adjustment Scheme for Cognitive Radio Networks, Latsmi Manohar, A., Alvin Yau, ., Hong Ling, M., Khan, S. 4 Jan 2019, In: IEEE Access
  • A survey on software defined networking enabled smart buildings, Younus, M., Ul Islam, S., Ali, I., Khan, S., Khan, M. 1 Jul 2019, In: Journal of Network and Computer Applications
  • Bat algorithm–based beamforming for mmWave massive MIMO systems, Shahjehan, W., Riaz, A., Khan, I., Safaa Sadiq, A., Khan, S., Khan, M. 10 Sep 2019, In: International Journal of Communication Systems
  • Cache-enabled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks, Yang, J., Xiao, S., Jiang, B., Song, H., Khan, S., Ul Islam, S. 29 Oct 2019, In: IEEE Wireless Communications
  • Delay-Aware Accident Detection and Response System Using Fog Computing, Khalid Dar, B., Ali Shah, M., Ul Islam, S., Maple, C., Mussadiq, S., Khan, S. 1 May 2019, In: IEEE Access
  • Entropy-based Fuzzy AHP Model for Trustworthy Service Provider Selection in Internet of Things, Ibrahim Abdalla Ahmed, A., Khan, S., Gani, A., Ab Hamid, ., Guizani, M. 11 Feb 2019, 43rd IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks, LCN 2018, Chicago, US, IEEE


Computing Science PhD April 17 2019

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