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Dr Changxu Liu


Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

Changxu Liu

Key Publications

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  • Enhanced energy storage in chaotic optical resonators, Liu, C., Di Falco, A., Molinari, D., Khan, Y., Ooi, B., Krauss, T., Fratalocchi, A. Jun 2013, In: Nature Photonics
  • Triggering extreme events at the nanoscale in photonic seas, Liu, C., Van Der Wel, R., Kuipers, L., Krauss, T., Di Falco, A., Fratalocchi, A. 1 Apr 2015, In: Nature Physics
  • Harnessing structural darkness in the visible and infrared wavelengths for a new source of light, Huang, J., Liu, C., Zhu, Y., Masala, S., Alarousu, E., Han, Y., Fratalocchi, A. Jan 2016, In: Nature Nanotechnology
  • Manipulating disordered plasmonic systems by external cavity with transition from broadband absorption to reconfigurable reflection, Mao, P., Liu, C., Song, F., Han, M., Maier, S., Zhang, S. Dec 2020, In: Nature Communications
  • Broadband single molecule SERS detection designed by warped optical spaces, Mao, P., Liu, C., Favraud, G., Chen, Q., Han, M., Fratalocchi, A., Zhang, S. Dec 2018, In: Nature Communications
  • Photonic Weyl points due to broken time-reversal symmetry in magnetized semiconductor, Wang, D., Yang, B., Gao, W., Jia, H., Yang, Q., Chen, X., Wei, M., Liu, C., Navarro-Cía, M., Han, J., Zhang, W., Zhang, S. 19 Nov 2019, In: Nature Physics
  • Disorder-Induced Topological State Transition in Photonic Metamaterials, Liu, C., Gao, W., Yang, B., Zhang, S. 1 Nov 2017, In: Physical Review Letters
  • Disorder-Immune Photonics Based on Mie-Resonant Dielectric Metamaterials, Liu, C., Rybin, M., Mao, P., Zhang, S., Kivshar, Y. 15 Oct 2019, In: Physical Review Letters
  • Disorder‐Induced Material‐Insensitive Optical Response in Plasmonic Nanostructures: Vibrant Structural Colors from Noble Metals, Mao, P., Liu, C., Niu, Y., Qin, Y., Song, F., Han, M., Palmer, R., Maier, S., Zhang, S. 8 Jun 2021, In: Advanced Materials
  • Single-step-fabricated disordered metasurfaces for enhanced light extraction from LEDs, Mao, P., Liu, C., Liu, M., Li, X., Chen, Q., Han, M., Maier, S., Sargent, E., Zhang, S. 6 Sep 2021, In: Light: Science and Applications


Electrical Engineering PhD December 16 2016

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