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Dr Clare Lanyon

Senior Lecturer

Department: Applied Sciences

Dr Clare Lanyon is Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology (Department for Biomedical Sciences) in the School of Life Sciences. Clare obtained a first class honour’s degree from York University before moving to Liverpool University to complete a PhD, supervised by Professor Clive Edwards in Molecular Microbial biology. Clare has spent time in both Academia and private medical industry.

Clare Lanyon


Molecular Biology PhD July 30 2004

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Temperate bacteriophages from chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infections show disease-specific changes in host range and modulate antimicrobial susceptibility, Tariq, M., Everest, F., Cowley, L., Wright, R., Holt, G., Ingram, H., Duignan, L., Nelson, A., Lanyon, C., Perry, A., Perry, J., Bourke, S., Brockhurst, M., Bridge, S., de Soyza, A., Smith, D. 27 Aug 2019, In: mSystems
  • Anti-bacterial antibody and T cell responses in Bronchiectasis are differentially associated with lung colonization and disease, Jaat, F., Hasan, S., Perry, A., Cookson, S., Murali, S., Perry, J., Lanyon, C., de Soyza, A., Todryk, S. 30 May 2018, In: Respiratory Research
  • Development of the neonatal microbiota, Young, G., Zalewski, S., Cummings, S., Lanyon, C. 20 Jul 2017, Microbiota in health and disease: from pregnancy to childhood, Wageningen Pers
  • Mechanisms Affecting the Gut of Preterm Infants in Enteral Feeding Trials, Embleton, N., Berrington, J., Dorling, J., Ewer, A., Juszczak, E., Kirby, J., Lamb, C., Lanyon, C., Mcguire, W., Probert, C., Rushton, S., Shirley, M., Stewart, C., Cummings, S. 8 May 2017, In: Frontiers in Nutrition
  • Reducing Viability Bias in Analysis of Gut Microbiota in Preterm Infants at Risk of NEC and Sepsis, Young, G., Smith, D., Embleton, N., Berrington, J., Schwalbe, E., Cummings, S., van der Gast, C., Lanyon, C. 6 Jun 2017, In: Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology
  • Shigatoxin encoding Bacteriophage φ24B modulates bacterial metabolism to raise antimicrobial tolerance, Holt, G., Lodge, J., McCarthy, A., Graham, A., Young, G., Bridge, S., Brown, A., Veses-Garcia, M., Lanyon, C., Sails, A., Allison, H., Smith, D. 20 Jan 2017, In: Scientific Reports
  • Bacteriophage ɸ24B modulates microbial physiology and antimicrobial tolerance by hijacking the fatty acid synthesis pathway, Holt, G., McCarthy, A., Lodge, J., Brown, A., Lanyon, C., Allison, H., Smith, D. 18 Jul 2016
  • Mapping the progression and evolution of chronic respiratory diseases using mixed temperate phage communities isolated from Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Everest, F., Tariq, M., Holt, G., Lodge, J., Perry, A., Perry, J., Bourke, S., Lanyon, C., Cummings, S., de Soyza, A., Smith, D. 18 Jul 2016
  • Metabolite and metabolism characterisation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa pellicle formation and the impact of converting temperate phages, Everest, F., Tariq, M., Holt, G., Lodge, J., Perry, A., Perry, J., Bourke, S., Lanyon, C., Cummings, S., de Soyza, A., Smith, D. 18 Jul 2016
  • A metagenomic approach to characterize temperate bacteriophage populations from Cystic Fibrosis and non-Cystic Fibrosis bronchiectasis patients, Tariq, M., Everest, F., Cowley, L., de Soyza, A., Holt, G., Bridge, S., Perry, A., Perry, J., Bourke, S., Cummings, S., Lanyon, C., Barr, J., Smith, D. 18 Feb 2015, In: Frontiers in Microbiology

PGR Supervision

  • Gregory Young How does the microbiota of the preterm infant gut develop within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit? Start: 01/10/2014
  • Hazel Ingram Analysis of Microbial Biomarkers in Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis Start: 01/10/2012

Further Information

Dr Clare Lanyon is Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology and the Programme Leader for BSc(Hons) Biomedical Sciences degree. . Clare obtained a first class honour’s degree from York University before moving to Liverpool University to complete a PhD in Molecular Microbial biology.  Clare moved to Newcastle University following her PhD, where she was awarded an IRES research Fellowship and then her first academic role. Clare has spent time in both Academia and private medical industry, where she worked in Italy and Spain on CE systems for the diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma cancer.

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Clare’s research is focussed on understanding the total microbial community response to transient pathogens and mapping successional changes in microbial community members as a precursor to the onset of disease state. Clare works closely with a number of clinicians and researchers and is committed to advancing the understanding of disease progression in order to improve patient health.

In addition, the role of host genetics in shaping microbial communities in animal and human systems is of particular interest especially in the mechanism of chemosensory individuality. 

Current areas of research are in the development of the neonatal gut microbial community and the changing gut dynamics that lead to necrotising enterocolitis and the impact of feeding and probiotics in disease progression. 

Clare's research group also looks at the polymicrobial nature of COPD and CF lungs in stable and non stable patients and the passage, persistence and survival of pathogenic microorganisms in hospital environments. 


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