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  • Applications of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and Blockchain-enabled smart contracts in construction, Li, J., Kassem, M. 1 Dec 2021, In: Automation in Construction
  • A Blockchain and Smart Contract-Based Framework to Increase Traceability of Built Assets, Li, J., Kassem, M., Watson, R. 18 Aug 2020, Proceedings of the 37th International Conference of CIB W78, Sao Paulo - online, BR, 18-20 August, Eduardo Toledo Santos and Sergio Scheer
  • Building Information Modelling: Evaluating Tools for Maturity and Benefits Measurement, Kassem, M., Li, J., Kumar, B., Malleson, A., Gibbs, D., Kelly, G., Watson, R. 31 Mar 2020
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  • A proposed approach integrating DLT, BIM, IOT and smart contracts: Demonstration using a simulated installation task, Li, J., Kassem, M., Ciribini, A., Bolpagni, M. 2019, International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction 2019, ICSIC 2019, London, ICE Publishing Ltd.
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  • Blockchain in the built environment: analysing current applications and developing an emergent framework, Li, J., Greenwood, D., Kassem, M. 5 Dec 2018, Creative Construction Conference 2018 - Proceedings, Budapest, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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