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Dr John Lodge

Associate Professor of Metabolic Nutrition

Department: Applied Sciences

John Lodge Staffprofile Northumbriauniversity255Dr John Lodge is an Associate Professor in Metabolic Nutrition. John undertook his PhD investigating lipoprotein oxidation at Birkbeck College, University of London where he developed interests in the role of antioxidants in health and disease.

He expanded these interests through post-doctoral positions at the University of California at Berkeley, USA, the Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University, USA and the German Institute for Human Nutrition (DIfE), Potsdam, Germany, before securing a Lectureship in Nutritional Biochemistry at the University of Surrey.

At Surrey John increased his research profile through wider activities in nutrient profiling (especially dietary antioxidants) and dietary approaches for health (carbohydrates, fish oils, fruit & vegetables). He then joined Cranfield University as Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition where he established Nutrition research in their School of Health before joining Northumbria in 2011.  He is a member of the Nutrition Society and Metabolomics Society.

Campus Address

EBD223 Ellison Building
Northumbria University
Newcastle upon Tyne

0191 243 7710


PhD Biological Chemistry

BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests


  • Development of metabolomics for human nutritional studies
  • Development of biomarkers of dietary exposure using metabolite profiling
  • Influence of diet and disease on metabolite profiles of biological fluids

Dietary strategies to improve health

  • Nutritional evaluation and strategies to improve healthy eating in at-risk populations
  • Fruit & vegetables and their constituents on markers of cardiovascular disease risk at the whole body and cellular level

Nutritional and biochemical aspects of antioxidant micronutrients

  • Biokinetics and metabolism of antioxidants using stable-isotopes in humans
  • Physiological factors influencing vitamin E bioavailability

Food security

  • Food spoilage and food nutritional value
  • Impact of consumer practices and processing on fresh produce bioactives

Sponsors and Collaborators

Industrial Sponsors

A2 Milk Company


Bioforce AG (Vogel Products)

Cherry Marketing Institute

Cognis Nutrition & Health

International Nut & Dried Fruit Council

PM International

Spicer Biotech


Peer reviewed sponsors

Rank Prize Funds

Leverhulme Trust

Innovate UK

Food Standards Agency (Department of Health)

Higher Education Innovation Fund


Royal Society

British Heart Foundation

Current/Recent Projects

  • The Rank Prize Funds studentship in Human Nutrition. ‘Development and validation of biomarkers of chronic sucrose intake using a metabolomic approach’ Dr John Lodge (PI). 2018-2020 £30,00
  • Bioforce AG (Vogel Products). ‘Influence of Molkosan intervention on urinary metabolite profiles’ Dr John Lodge (PI). 2017-2018. £1,800
  • International Nut and Dried Fruit Council. “Effects of daily tree nut consumption on cognitive function, metabolomics and intestinal microbiota”. Dr Crystal Haskel-Ramsay (PI), Dr Philippa Jackson and Dr John Lodge 2017-2019. 95,000
  • Cherry Marketing Institute. ‘Investigation into the effects of chronic tart Montmorency cherry juice (Prunus cerasus. L) on important indices of human health. Dr Glyn Howatson (PI) and Dr John Lodge. 2016-2019. £82,500
  • ‘The Leverhulme Trust’, New frontiers in lipoprotein analysis: small molecules big questions. Dr John Lodge (PI at Northumbria). 2016-2018. £26,607
  • ‘A2 Milk Company’, A2 milk for autism spectrum disorders. Dr John Lodge (PI), with ESPA Research. 2016-2018. £40,158

Key Publications

  • Swen Langer, Aileen Kennel and John K Lodge (2018). The Influence of processing on the relative appearance of Blueberry metabolites 2 hr following ingestion: a metabolite profiling approach. British Journal of Nutrition. In press IF: 3.71
  • Manfred Beckmann, Annemiek Joosen, Michelle C Clarke , Owen Mugridge, Gary Frost, John Draper & John K Lodge (2016). Changes in the human plasma and urinary metabolome associated with acute dietary exposure to sucrose and the identification of potential biomarkers of sucrose intake. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. 60: 444-457. IF:4.51
  • Karen M. Keane, Phillip G. Bell, John K Lodge, Costas Constantinou, Sarah E Jenkinson, Rosemary Bass and Glyn Howatson (2015). The bioavailability of tart Montmorency cherries (L. Prunus Cerasus) polyphenols and modulation of vascular smooth muscle cells. European Journal of Nutrition 55(4):1695-705. IF:3.74
  • Laura Tripkovic, Nicola Muirhead, Kath Hart, Gary Frost & John K Lodge (2014). The effects of a diet rich in inulin or wheat fibre on markers of cardiovascular disease in overweight male subjects. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. 28: 476-485. IF:1.97
  • Swen Langer and John K Lodge (2014) Simultaneous determination of water-soluble vitamins using hydrophilic chromatography: a comparison of photodiode array, fluorescence, and coulometric detection. Journal of Chromatography B: Biomedical applications 960: 73-81. IF:2.48Laura Tripkovic, Kath Hart, Gary Frost & John K Lodge (2014) Inter- and Intra-individual variation in Pulse Wave Velocity measurements in a heterogenous male population. Journal of Blood Pressure Monitoring. 19: 241-243. IF:1.81
  • Max C.Y. Wong and John K. Lodge (2012) A metabolomic investigation of the effects of vitamin E supplementation in humans. Nutrition & Metabolism 9: 110-118. IF:3.15

PGR Supervision

1. TBC ‘Development and validation of biomarkers of chronic sucrose intake using a metabolomic approach’ Oct 2018. Principal supervisor.

2. Kate Porter. ‘Multi-omic approach to food nutritional status and microbial contamination’. Oct 2017. Principal supervisor.

3. Yueyue Wang. ‘Metabolic mechanisms underlying the responsiveness to dietary interventions aimed at improving cognition and peripheral blood flow’ Oct 2017. Principal supervisor.

4. Rachel Kimble. ‘The influence of a polyphenol-rich fruit juice on indices of human health’ Co-supervisor. Sept 2017.

5. Ellen Smith. ‘Interrelationships between gastrointestinal microbiota, systemic inflammation, diet and brain function in the overweight and obese: potential modulation by resveratrol and other polyphenols’ Co-supervisor. Sep 2017.

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