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Key Publications

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  • Effect of nanofiller morphology on the electrical conductivity of polymer nanocomposites, Fang, Q., Lafdi, K. 1 Mar 2021, In: Nano Express
  • Electro-thermal–mechanical performance of a sensor based on PAN carbon fibers and real-time detection of change under thermal and mechanical stimuli, Qureshi, Y., Tarfaoui, M., Lafdi, K. 1 Jan 2021, In: Materials Science and Engineering: B
  • Fabrication and electromechanical performance of carbon nanotube based conductive membrane and its application in real-time multimode strain detection in composites, Qureshi, Y., Tarfaoui, M., Lafdi, K. 1 Jun 2021, In: Materials Science and Engineering: B
  • Study of mechanical performance of polymer nanocomposites reinforced with exfoliated graphite of different mesh sizes using micro-indentation, Khammassi, S., Tarfaoui, M., Lafdi, K. 1 Aug 2021, In: Journal of Composite Materials
  • Antibacterial Character of Cationic Polymers Attached to Carbon-Based Nanomaterials, Placha, D., Munoz-Bonilla, A., Skrlova, K., Echeverria, C., Chiloeches, A., Petr, M., Lafdi, K., Fernandez-Garcia, M. 22 Jun 2020, In: Nanomaterials
  • Durability sensor using low concentration carbon nano additives, Liu, C., Lafdi, K., Chinesta, F. 28 Jul 2020, In: Composites Science and Technology
  • Erratum: Effect of Porosity and Crystallinity on 3D Printed PLA Properties. Polymers 2019, 11, 1487, Liao, Y., Liu, C., Coppola, B., Barra, G., Di Maio, L., Incarnato, L., Lafdi, K. 6 Jan 2020, In: Polymers
  • Fabrication of ceramic nanofibers using polydimethylsiloxane and polyacrylonitrile polymer blends, Al-Ajrash, S., Lafdi, K., Liu, Y., Le Coustumer, P. 5 Sep 2020, In: Journal of Applied Polymer Science
  • In-Situ Monitoring, Identification and Quantification of Strain Deformation in Composites Under Cyclic Flexural Loading Using Nylon/Ag Fiber Sensor, Qureshi, Y., Tarfaoui, M., Lafdi, K., Lafdi, K. 15 May 2020, In: IEEE Sensors Journal
  • Mechanical properties of carbon black/poly (ε-caprolactone)-based tissue scaffolds, Al Habis, N., El Moumen, A., Tarfaoui, M., Lafdi, K. 1 Jan 2020, In: Arabian Journal of Chemistry

PGR Supervision

Mauricio Tamayo Vegas Wireless Sensing Design for Structural Health Monitoring of Composites Materials Start Date: 01/10/2020


Chemical Engineering PhD December 22 1989

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