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Dr Clare McCann

Postgraduate Associate

Department: Applied Sciences

Clare McCann

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Changes in symptomatology, reinfection, and transmissibility associated with the SARS-CoV-2 variant B.1.1.7: an ecological study, Graham, M., Sudre, C., May, A., Antonelli, M., Murray, B., Varsavsky, T., Kläser, K., Canas, L., Molteni, E., Modat, M., Drew, D., Nguyen, L., Polidori, L., Selvachandran, S., Hu, C., Capdevila, J., Hammers, A., Chan, A., Wolf, J., Spector, T., Steves, C., Ourselin, S., Koshy, C., Ash, A., Wise, E., Moore, N., Mori, M., Cortes, N., Lynch, J., Kidd, S., Fairley, D., Curran, T., McKenna, J., Adams, H., Fraser, C., Golubchik, T., Bonsall, D., Hassan-Ibrahim, M., Malone, C., Cogger, B., Wantoch, M., Reynolds, N., Warne, B., Smith, D., Bashton, M., Young, G., Nelson, A., McCann, C., Yew, W., Jones, H. 1 May 2021, In: The Lancet Public Health
  • Sensitivity of SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.7 to mRNA vaccine-elicited antibodies, Collier, D., De Marco, A., Ferreira, I., Meng, B., Datir, R., Walls, A., Kemp S, S., Bassi, J., Pinto, D., Fregni, C., Bianchi, S., Tortorici, M., Bowen, J., Culap, K., Jaconi, S., Cameroni, E., Snell, G., Pizzuto, M., Pellanda, A., Garzoni, C., Riva, A., Elmer, A., Kingston, N., Graves, B., McCoy, L., Smith, K., Bradley, J., Temperton, N., Lourdes Ceron-Gutierrez, L., Barcenas-Morales, G., Harvey, W., Virgin, H., Lanzavecchia, A., Piccoli, L., Doffinger, R., Wills, M., Veesler, D., Corti, D., Gupta, R., Bashton, M., Young, G., McCann, C., Nelson, A., Smith, D. 6 May 2021, In: Nature
  • Spatiotemporal invasion dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 lineage B.1.1.7 emergence, Kraemer, M., Hill, V., Ruis, C., Dellicour, S., Bajaj, S., McCrone, J., Baele, G., Parag, K., Battle, A., Gutierrez, B., Jackson, B., Colquhoun, R., O'Toole, Á., Klein, B., Vespignani, A., Volz, E., Faria, N., Aanensen, D., Loman, N., Du Plessis, L., Cauchemez, S., Rambaut, A., Scarpino, S., Pybus, O., Bashton, M., Nelson, A., Young, G., Smith, D., McCann, C. 22 Jul 2021, In: Science


Civil Engineering PhD June 01 2012

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