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Dr Kamal Maji

Research Fellow

Department: Geography and Environmental Sciences

Kamal Maji

Key Publications

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  • Analysis of various transport modes to evaluate personal exposure to PM2.5 pollution in Delhi, Maji, K., Namdeo, A., Hoban, D., Bell, M., Goodman, P., Nagendra, S., Barnes, J., De Vito, L., Hayes, E., Longhurst, J., Kumar, R., Sharma, N., Kuppili, S., Alshetty, D. 1 Feb 2021, In: Atmospheric Pollution Research
  • Changes in air quality in Mexico City, London and Delhi in response to various stages and levels of lockdowns and easing of restrictions during COVID-19 pandemic, Vega, E., Namdeo, A., Bramwell, L., Miquelajauregui, Y., Resendiz-martinez, C., Jaimes-Palomera, M., Luna-Falfan, F., Terrazas-Ahumada, A., Maji, K., Entwistle, J., Núñez Enríquez, J., Mejia, J., Portas, A., Hayes, L., Mcnally, R. 15 Sep 2021, In: Environmental Pollution
  • Characteristics of real-world gaseous exhaust emissions from cars in heterogeneous traffic conditions, Kuppili, S., Alshetty, V., Diya, M., Nagendra, S., Ramadurai, G., Ramesh, A., Gulia, S., Namdeo, A., Maji, K., Bell, M., Goodman, P., Hayes, E., Barnes, J., Longhurst, J., De Vito, L. 1 Jun 2021, In: Transportation Research, Part D: Transport and Environment
  • Continuous increases of surface ozone and associated premature mortality growth in China during 2015-2019, Maji, K., Namdeo, A. 15 Jan 2021, In: Environmental Pollution
  • Ramifications of Indian vehicle scrapping policy across the mobility sector, Arora, M., Shinde, A., Yadav, V., Maji, K., Singh, V., Myers, R. 13 Aug 2021, In: Resources, Conservation and Recycling
  • Unprecedented Reduction in Air Pollution and Corresponding Short-term Premature Mortality Associated with COVID-19 Lockdown in Delhi, India, Maji, K., Namdeo, A., Bell, M., Goodman, P., Nagendra, S., Barnes, J., De Vito, L., Hayes, E., Longhurst, J., Kumar, R., Sharma, N., Kuppili, S., Dheeraj Alshetty, V. 2 Sep 2021, In: Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association
  • Effects of China’s Current Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan on Air Pollution Patterns, Health Risks and Mortalities in Beijing 2014-2018, Maji, K., Li, V., Lam, J. 1 Dec 2020, In: Chemosphere
  • Household wealth proxies for socio-economic inequality policy studies in China, Lam, J., Han, Y., Bai, R., Li, V., Leong, J., Maji, K. 30 Mar 2020, In: Data & Policy
  • Spatio-temporal variations and trends of major air pollutants in China during 2015-2018, Maji, K., Sarkar, C. Sep 2020, In: Environmental Science and Pollution Research
  • Substantial changes in PM2.5 pollution and corresponding premature deaths across China during 2015–2019: A model prospective, Maji, K. 10 Aug 2020, In: Science of the Total Environment


EnvironmentalEngineering PhD August 31 2018

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