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Robert C Moehler

Senior Lecturer in Project Management, Senior CV Co-ordinator (academic) for MSc Project Management degrees (International) and Admissions Tutor for MSc Project Management programmes

Department: Mechanical and Construction Engineering

Robert -C-Moehler -webRobert has lectured at the School of Built (and Natural) Environment and the Graduate School at Northumbria University since 2007 including Strategic Management, Project Management and Human Resource Management related subjects but as well doctoral workshops on research methods, methodology and philosophy.

In January 2010, Robert joined the Project Management Group as a lecturer for postgraduate studies.

As a Lecturer Robert is Module tutor for Project, Programme and Portfolio Management, and Project Organisation and Information Management. In 2014 Sustainable Project Management, and Partnership and Collaborative Working are further module tutorship’s Robert lectures.

Other initial roles included the content development of distance learning for the MSc Project Management Suite. The success of the DL format and delivery formats itself lead to roles further roles such as TEL Lead for the Department of Mathematics and Information Sciences and Principle Investigator and Module Lead for collaborative ventures such as the MSc Pipeline Engineering for Saudi Aramco. Here the key role entailed the content development and module tutorship (Project & Risk Management with Research Methods) of a bespoke programme working closely with client and an industry partner [Penspen Ltd], leading to blended distance and in country delivery to company specification postgraduate programme.

Additionally, Robert worked closely with the MSc Dual Award partners from Chalmers University for the International Project Management programme in line with multiple guest visits and joint masterclasses. Acting roles included also the Programme Leadership of the MSc Project Management programme suite and research consultations.



Research Gate 

Campus Address

Wynne Jones Building, Room 207
Ellison Court, NE1 8ST

0191 227 4746


  • PG Cert in Higher Education Practice (Northumbria University),
  • MSc in Project Management (Northumbria University),
  • Dipl. - Ing. in Civil and Material Engineering (TFH Berlin, Germany)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure

Talking Point

How can organisational specific skills development for complex and technical challenging projects be managed? What are the restricting and enabling logics of the stakeholders involved in this learning journey?

“The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.” Friedrich Hegel

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Robert is enthused by the area of skills development and technology adaptation. In particular regional skills capacity, project driven organisation, Institutionalised organisation and aligned issues.

Until very recently Robert has been in pursuit of a PhD, analysing the regional skills capacity. This EPSRC Case Studentship project focuses on the construction, manufacturing, logistics and creative industries in the Tyne and Wear region. The research seeks to deliver a road-map to help employers in their decision-making process in relation to engaging with the skills development agenda. For further details visit the research related web page.  

Sponsors and Collaborators

Since 2015:

  • F&G
  • NHS
  • Saudi ARAMCO
  • Volvo
  • BAE-systems
  • Chalmers UT
  • MDIS
  • KIER

29-30 Sept. 2009              
Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology in conjunction with the Research institute of Vocational Education and Training, Nürnberg, Germany. Invited presenter under the sub-theme international comparisons: “Identifying potentials – strategic considerations for strengthening the skills-pool.”

29-31 March 2009            
ESRC Researcher Development Workshop, Writing Across Boundaries, Grey College, Durham. Participant in a transdisciplinary workshop on qualitative data presentation.

18-19 June 2008                
Nuffield Foundation, London. Consulted attendee for the Nuffield Core Group meeting upon: “Families of trust and mistrust: establishing equivalence of qualifications and skills across Europe - problems and prospects.”

25-28 March 2008            
EPSRC Research Methodology Workshop, Wolfson College, Cambridge. Invited EPSRC-CASE presenter on the sub-theme interviews.

4-5 March 2008
ARCOM: Advancing Theory Development in Construction Project Management Research, University of Wolverhampton Workshop participant

20th of January 2008      
ARCOM PhD student workshop - Quantitative methods, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Workshop participant

8th of January 2008        
Nuffield Foundation, London. Consulted attendee for the Nuffield Core Group meeting upon “Qualifications, learning outcomes and competencies: a review of European divergences in vocational education and training (VET).”

4-9 July 2007                      
Embracing Complexity in Science & Society, University of Salford, Manchester. Participant in a 5day-EPSRC workshop targeted at doctoral and post-doctoral students to examine different concepts of complexity theory.

Further partners included:
Association for Project Management
CoVE for Construction Skills
Employer representing organisations and clusters
Northeast Chamber of Commerce

Key Publications

Moehler, R., & Ferguson, C. (2014). Reinterpreting Knowledge Management for Projects. Paper presented at the Northumbria Research Conference, Newcastle upon Tyne. 

Hope, A. J., & Moehler, R. C. (2014). Balancing projects with society and the environment: A project, programme and portfolio approach. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 119(19 March 2014), 358-367. 

Johansson, T., Moehler, R. C., & Vahidi, R. (2013). Knowledge sharing strategies for Project Knowledge Management in the automotive sector. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 74(1), 146-155. 

Hansen, T., Hope, A., & Moehler, R. C. (2012). Managing geographically dispersed teams: from temporary to permanent global virtual teams. Social Science Research Network, Working Paper Series, 1-15. 

Johansson, T., Moehler, R. C. & Vahidi, R. (2012) 'Knowledge sharing strategies for project knowledge management in the automotive sector', Twenty Sixth International Project Management Association World Congress: Integrating Project Management Standards - The way forward in times of economic challenges. Heraklion, Crete, Greece 29-31 October 2012. Zürich, Switzerland: IPMA, pp. 615-624.

Moehler, R. C. (2012) 'KMU Strategien zur Erschließung betrieblicher Fähigkeits- und Fertigkeitspotenziale', MarQa - Strukturen und Strategien für eine marktfähige Qualifizierungsberatung: Systematische Personalentwicklung in KMU - Strategien zur Erschließung betrieblicher Qualifizierungspotenziale. Berlin, Germany 26.04.2012. Berlin, Germany: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung pp. 1813-1819. 

Moehler, R. (2010, 19 January 2010 ). North East Research Conference. Paper presented at the Employer Strategies for engaging with the process of Skills Development in the construction sector in the Tyne and Wear area, Newcastle upon Tyne. 

Ziouziou, S., Moehler, R. and Murdoch, I. (2010) Strategic considerations for construction in the People's Republic of China: the case of German contractors in the 1990s. Northumbria Working Paper Series: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Built and Virtual Environment, 3 (1). pp. 56-63. 

Ziouziou, S. and Moehler, R. (2010) Neue Vertriebsstrukturen sind gefordert: Distributionspolitik in der Bauwirtschaft. Baumarkt & Bauwirtschaft, 109 (9). pp. 40-42. 

Moehler, R. (2011, 12th April 2011 ). Employer strategies towards learning. Three Rivers Learning and Teaching Conference: Enhancing the Student Experience,  (Session 2, Workshop 2). Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne.

 Chan, P. C. and Moehler, R. C. (2009). Formal and informal systems of VET: implications for employee involvement. CLR News, 1-2009, 18-20. 

Chan, P. W., & Moehler, R. C. (2008). Developing a 'road-map' to facilitate employers' role in engaging with the skills development agenda. Northumbria Working Paper Series: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Built and Virtual Environment, 1(1), 15-24. 

Moehler, R. C., Chan, P. W. and Greenwood, D. (2008). The interorganisational influences on construction skills development in the UK. In: Dainty, A (Ed.), Proceedings 24th Annual ARCOM Conference, 1-3 September 2008, Cardiff, UK. Association of Researchers in Construction Management, Vol. 1, 23-32. 

Chan, P. W. and Moehler, R. C. (2008). Transitioning between the formal and informal: construction skills development in the UK. CIB Joint International Symposium: transformation through construction. Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University. 

Chan, P. W., Moehler, R. C. and Greenwood, D. (2008). Sustainable labour: mapping out skills development practices for Future capacity of Tyne and Wear. Construction Information Quarterly, 10(1), 29. 

Chan, P. W. and Moehler, R. (2007). Construction Skills in the North East Feedback workshop on the interim findings. Hosted by the Construction Excellence, EPSRC, NECC and Northumbria University held at The Hub, School of the Built Environment, Northumbria University on Wednesday the 5th of Dec. 2007, Outreach activity and industrial impact. 

Chan, P. W. and Moehler, R. (2007). Developing a 'road-map' to facilitate employers' role in engaging with the skills development agenda. In: Boyd, D (Ed.), Proceedings 23rd Annual ARCOM Conference, 3-5 September 2007, Belfast, UK. Association of Researchers in Construction Management, Vol. 1, 409-18.

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PGR Supervision

2nd Supervisor for Ahmed M. Alhiddi (Mar 2016 to Feb 2019) The influence of culture on stakeholder management in mega projects for successful communication.

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