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Theodora Mantso

Postgraduate Associate

Department: Applied Sciences

Key Publications

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  • Anticancer activity of a novel methylated analogue of L-mimosine against an in vitro model of human malignant melanoma, Kyriakou, S., Mitsiogianni, M., Mantso, T., Cheung, W., Todryk, S., Veuger, S., Pappa, A., Tetard, D., Panagiotidis, M. 26 Jun 2019, In: Investigational New Drugs
  • Hyperthermia Suppresses Post - In Vitro Proliferation and Tumor Growth in Murine Malignant Melanoma and Colon Carcinoma, Mantso, T., Vasileiadis, S., Lampri, E., Botaitis, S., Perente, S., Simopoulos, C., Chlichlia, K., Pappa, A., Panagiotidis, M. May 2019, In: Anticancer Research
  • Allyl isothiocyanate regulates lysine acetylation and methylation marks in an experimental model of malignant melanoma, Mitsiogianni, M., Mantso, T., Trafalis, D., Rupasinghe, V., Zoumpourlis, V., Franco, R., Botaitis, S., Pappa, A., Panagiotidis, M. 14 Feb 2019, In: European Journal of Nutrition
  • Isothiocyanate-induced Cell Cycle Arrest in a Novel In Vitro Exposure Protocol of Human Malignant Melanoma (A375) Cells, Mantso, T., Anestopoulos, I., Lamprianidou, E., Kotsianidis, I., Pappa, A., Panagiotidis, M. 1 Feb 2019, In: Anticancer Research
  • Novel Docosahexaenoic Acid Ester of Phloridzin Inhibits Proliferation and Triggers Apoptosis in an In Vitro Model of Skin Cancer, Mantso, T., Trafalis, D., Botaitis, S., Franco, R., Pappa, A., Vasantha Rupasinghe, H., Panagiotidis, M. 11 Dec 2018, In: Antioxidants
  • Hyperthermia induces therapeutic effectiveness and potentiates adjuvant therapy with non-targeted and targeted drugs in an in vitro model of human malignant melanoma, Mantso, T., Vasileiadis, S., Anestopoulos, I., Voulgaridou, G., Lampri, E., Botaitis, S., Kontomanolis, E., Simopoulos, C., Goussetis, G., Franco, R., Chlichlia, K., Pappa, A., Panayiotidis, M. 16 Jul 2018, In: Scientific Reports
  • DNA-dependent protein kinase, George, V., Ansari, S., Chelakkot, V., Chelakkot, A., Chelakkot, C., Menon, V., Ramadan, W., Ethiraj, K., El-Awady, R., Mantso, T., Mitsiogianni, M., Panagiotidis, M., Dellaire, G., Vasantha Rupasinghe, H. 19 Jun 2018, In: Mutation Research - Reviews in Mutation Research
  • Gold nanoparticles, radiations and the immune system: Current insights into the physical mechanisms and the biological interactions of this new alliance towards cancer therapy, Dimitriou, N., Tsekenis, G., Balanikas, E., Pavlopoulou, A., Mitsiogianni, M., Mantso, T., Pashos, G., Boudouvis, A., Lykakis, I., Tsigaridas, G., Panagiotidis, M., Yannopapas, V., Georgakilas, A. Oct 2017, In: Pharmacology & Therapeutics
  • Closed-loop system for microwave-induced hyperthermia, Sanchez, M., Pavuluri, S., Mantso, T., Panagiotidis, M., Goussetis, G. 22 Jan 2015, Proceedings of the 2014 4th International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare - "Transforming Healthcare Through Innovations in Mobile and Wireless Technologies", MOBIHEALTH 2014, IEEE


Biological Sciences BSc February 01 2017


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