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Dr Guido Noto La Diega

Lecturer in Law (Intellectual Property, European & English Legal Systems, EU Law)

Department: Northumbria Law School

Dr Guido Noto La Diega is a Lecturer in Law (Intellectual Property, European & English Legal Systems, EU Law, Legal Research) at the Northumbria University, where he is also a subject specialist for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, as well as Ph.D. supervisor.

Member of the multidisciplinary team on “Digital Living”, of the signature area “Law & Sexuality” and of the Research Interest Groups “Information Rights”, “Gender & Sexuality Law”, and “International law”, Guido collaborates with the University of Glasgow within the “Copyright Evidence” project, as well as with the Nexa Center for Internet & Society of Turin within the “Law of service robots” project. He has been appointed "cultore della materia" of Private Law and Intellectual Property by the University of Palermo.

After a visiting scholarship at the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law (Munich) and an Erasmus IP at the University of Lucerne, Guido has been awarded a Ph.D. degree in private law (dissertation in intellectual property and cyberlaw) by the International Doctoral School in Law & Economics “Tullio Ascarelli” and he has been called to the Bar of Italy in 2013, where he has practiced in one of the main law firms specialised in commercial, company, bank, and bankruptcy law. He has completed a postdoc in cloud computing law at Queen Mary University of London.

Prior to the current appointment, he has worked as an Assistant Professor of International Intellectual Property Law (Robert Kennedy College), Associate Lecturer (Module Leader) in intellectual property at the Buckinghamshire New University and as a researcher of the Microsoft Cloud Computing Research Centre.


80° Mercoledì di Nexa - IoT-Health. L’Internet of Things per una nuova sanità


Campus Address

City Campus East 1, Room 105

+44 (0) 191 227 5562


Ph.D., Avv., Laurea magistrale in Giurisprudenza

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Author of a book and many essays mainly concerning Intellectual Property, Information and Communications Technologies Law, Internet Law, Robot Law, Property Law, Privacy and Data Protection, Commercial Law and Administrative Law, Dr. Guido Noto La Diega is the UK editor of the journal "Diritto Mercato Tecnologia"​ (Law Market Technology), referee of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, scientific board  member of "Semina Scientiarum"​ (cross-disciplinary Polish journal on philosophy of science) and editorial board member of the International Journal of Gender, Sexuality and Law and of “GenIUS” (the Gender & Sexuality Law journal of Italy).

Current scholarly interests include:

-       Brexit and Intellectual Property

-       LGBT dating apps and user-generated content

-       Internet of Things

-       Cloud computing

-       Robots

-       Drones

-       Artificial intelligence

-       Algorithmic decision making

-       Online platforms (e.g. social networks and ecommerce)

-       ISP liability

-       The draft EU copyright directive

-       Geo-blocking and portability

-       The EU Trade Marks Reform

-       Sharing economy

-       3D printing

Professional Activity

Lawyer qualified in Italy, Dr Guido Noto La Diega is legal counsel to start-ups in the UK and in Italy for matters related to Data Protection, Information Technology Law, Media Law, and Intellectual Property. Guido is co-founder and President of "Ital-IoT"​, the first coworking space-network of multidisciplinary research on the Internet of Things. The founders are young Italian lawyers, designers, computer scientists, engineers, philosophers, psychologists, economists, cultural mediators, project managers,marketers, e-commerce managers, and students. Along with the genuine multidisciplinarity of the group, its distinguishing characteristic is that Ital-IoT does not merely carry out theoretical research: it provides consultancy to SMEs, start-ups, and consumers by resolving the (legal, technical, societal, etc.) issues involved in the IoT in order to ensure a responsible and sustainable deployment of the technology. Currently Ital-IoT is developing an app for mobile devices made by and targeted to the children. Guido founded also “DPA2018”, consultancy firm that helps businesses to comply with the coming Data Protection Act 2018.

Further information can be found at:

Sponsors and Collaborators

Dr Guido Noto La Diega has collaborated and collaborates with colleagues from several universities in the UK, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Palestine, India, Korea, Australia, and the United States.

Current/Recent Projects

Dr. Guido Noto La Diega is currently working on projects related to behavioural advertising, LGBT dating apps, and the impact of Brexit on Intellectual Property.

Key Publications

A sample of Dr Guido Noto La Diega’s publications include:

G. NOTO LA DIEGA, Uber law and awareness by design. An empirical study on online platforms and dehumanised negotiations, in Revue européenne de droit de la consommation / European journal of consumer law, 2016, II, 383-413.

G. NOTO LA DIEGA, Clouds of Things. Data protection and consumer law at the intersection of cloud computing and the Internet of Things in the United Kingdom, in Journal of Law & Economic Regulation, 2016, 9, 1, 69-93

G. NOTO LA DIEGA – I. WALDEN, Contracting for the ‘Internet of Things’: Looking into the Nest (February 1, 2016). Queen Mary School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 219/2016. Available at SSRN:, forthcoming in the European Journal of Law & Technology

G. NOTO LA DIEGA, In light of the ends. Copyright hysteresis and private copy exception after the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) and others v Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills case, in Diritto Mercato Tecnologia, 2015, II,

G. NOTO LA DIEGA, Machine rules. Of drones, robots and the info-capitalist society, in The Italian Law Journal, 2016, II

G. NOTO LA DIEGA, The Internet of Citizens. A lawyer’s view on some technological developments in the United Kingdom and India., forthcoming in the Indian Journal of Law & Technology

PGR Supervision

  • Sexual minorities in prisons in Italy and in the UK (current)
  • Any topic at the intersection between law & innovation (potential)

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