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Dr Shawn O'Donnell

Research Fellow

Department: Geography and Environmental Sciences

Shawn O'Donnell

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  • Prehistoric pathways to Anthropocene adaptation: Evidence from the Red River Delta, Vietnam, Rabett, R., Morimoto, R., Kahlert, T., Stimpson, C., O'Donnell, S., Mai Huong, N., Manh, B., Holmes, R., Khánh, P., Van, T., Coward, F. 8 Feb 2023, In: PLoS One
  • Re-circumscription of the mimosoid genus Entada including new combinations for all species of the phylogenetically nested Elephantorrhiza (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae, mimosoid clade), O'Donnell, S., Ringelberg, J., Lewis, G. 22 Aug 2022, In: PhytoKeys
  • Confirmed archaeological evidence of water deer in Vietnam: Relics of the Pleistocene or a shifting baseline?, Stimpson, C., O'Donnell, S., Huong, N., Holmes, R., Utting, B., Kahlert, T., Rabett, R. 30 Jun 2021, In: Royal Society Open Science
  • Mid-Holocene coastline reconstruction from geomorphological sea level indicators in the Tràng An World Heritage Site, Northern Vietnam, Kahlert, T., O'Donnell, S., Stimpson, C., Mai Hương, N., Hill, E., Utting, B., Rabett, R. 1 Jul 2021, In: Quaternary Science Reviews
  • Delacour’s langur (Trachypithecus delacouri) reintroduction program: A preliminary report on the trial release into the Trang An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam, Nadler, T., Rabett, R., O'Donnell, S., Nguyen, T. 1 Nov 2020, In: Vietnamese Journal of Primatology
  • Holocene development and human use of mangroves and limestone forest at an ancient hong lagoon in the Tràng An karst, Ninh Binh, Vietnam, O'Donnell, S., Nguyen, T., Stimpson, C., Holmes, R., Kahlert, T., Hill, E., Vo, T., Rabett, R. 15 Aug 2020, In: Quaternary Science Reviews
  • An 11 000-year-old giant muntjac subfossil from Northern Vietnam: Implications for past and present populations, Stimpson, C., Utting, B., O'Donnell, S., Huong, N., Kahlert, T., Manh, B., Khanh, P., Rabett, R. 1 Mar 2019, In: Royal Society Open Science
  • Human adaptation to coastal evolution: Late Quaternary evidence from Southeast Asia (SUNDASIA) - A report on the second year of the project, Rabett, R., Coward, F., Holmes, R., Bachtsevanidou Strantzali, I., Green, E., Hill, E., Kahlert, T., Kelly, C., McAllister, M., O'Donnell, S., Pyne-O'Donnell, S., Redmond, A., Stimpson, C., Nguyen, D., Tran, T., Bui, V., Ludgate, N., Macleod, R., Utting, B., Nguyen, C., Nguyen, T., Nguyen, T., Nguyen, T., Sinh, P., Truong, T., Vu, D., Vu, T., Vu, T., Tran, T., Verhoeven, M. 1 Jan 2019, In: Vietnam Archaeology
  • ‘Rice Needs People to Grow it’: Foraging/Farming Transitions and Food Conceptualization in the Highlands of Borneo, Barker, G., Hunt, C., Hill, E., Jones, S., O'Donnell, S. 17 Nov 2018, Far from the Hearth: Essays in Honour of Martin K. Jones, Cambridge, UK, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
  • The ‘cultured rainforests’ of Borneo, Barker, G., Hunt, C., Barton, H., Gosden, C., Jones, S., Lloyd-Smith, L., Farr, L., Nyiri, B., O'Donnell, S. 20 Aug 2017, In: Quaternary International

  • Biology MSc December 18 2017
  • Environmental Science and other Physical Science PhD April 29 2017
  • Archeology MSc July 15 2010
  • Geography Studies (Science) PGDip December 15 2008
  • Geography Studies (Science) Graduate Certificate December 17 2007

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