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Prof Mihalis Panagiotidis


Department: Applied Sciences

Mihalis is leading a research group which conducts research on the molecular mechanisms underlying disease pathology and the role of nutrition in disease prevention. More specifically, his group is investigating into the role of deregulated apoptosis and epigenetic pathways as key molecular targets underlining the pathological basis of human disease including cancer.

In addition, his group utilizes genomic approaches in an attempt to identify critical genes that act as potential biomarkers of therapeutic outcome. Finally, his group investigates how natural products exert a wide range of biological and pharmacological activities and thus are considered to be of great benefit in maintaining health and preventing disease development.

Mihalis is interested in linking the gap between industry and academia around the areas of bio-economy and industrial biotechnology. For this reason, he is leading research efforts in the multidisciplinary research theme of “Bio-economy” with emphasis on human health. To these ends, he is seeking industrial and academic collaborations for major and substantial funding opportunities.



Mihalis Panagiotidis

Campus Address

Ellison Building, A516

Newcastle upon Tyne


Science PhD May 24 2004

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Allyl isothiocyanate regulates lysine acetylation and methylation marks in an experimental model of malignant melanoma, Mitsiogianni, M., Mantso, T., Trafalis, D., Rupasinghe, V., Zoumpourlis, V., Franco, R., Botaitis, S., Pappa, A., Panagiotidis, M. 14 Feb 2019, In: European Journal of Nutrition
  • Anticancer activity of a novel methylated analogue of L-mimosine against an in vitro model of human malignant melanoma, Kyriakou, S., Mitsiogianni, M., Mantso, T., Cheung, W., Todryk, S., Veuger, S., Pappa, A., Tetard, D., Panagiotidis, M. 26 Jun 2019, In: Investigational New Drugs
  • DNA-dependent protein kinase, George, V., Ansari, S., Chelakkot, V., Chelakkot, A., Chelakkot, C., Menon, V., Ramadan, W., Ethiraj, K., El-Awady, R., Mantso, T., Mitsiogianni, M., Panagiotidis, M., Dellaire, G., Vasantha Rupasinghe, H. 1 Apr 2019, In: Mutation Research - Reviews in Mutation Research
  • Functional Role of Probiotics and Prebiotics on Skin Health and Disease, Lolou, V., Panagiotidis, M. 17 May 2019, In: Fermentation
  • Hyperthermia Suppresses Post - In Vitro Proliferation and Tumor Growth in Murine Malignant Melanoma and Colon Carcinoma, Mantso, T., Vasileiadis, S., Lampri, E., Botaitis, S., Perente, S., Simopoulos, C., Chlichlia, K., Pappa, A., Panagiotidis, M. May 2019, In: Anticancer Research
  • Isothiocyanate-induced Cell Cycle Arrest in a Novel In Vitro Exposure Protocol of Human Malignant Melanoma (A375) Cells, Mantso, T., Anestopoulos, I., Lamprianidou, E., Kotsianidis, I., Pappa, A., Panagiotidis, M. 1 Feb 2019, In: Anticancer Research
  • Mitochondrial Homeostasis and Cellular Senescence, Vasileiou, P., Evangelou, K., Vlasis, K., Fildisis, G., Panayiotidis, M., Chronopoulos, E., Passias, P., Kouloukoussa, M., Gorgoulis, V., Havaki, S. 6 Jul 2019, In: Cells
  • Probiotics in Extraintestinal Diseases: Current Trends and New Directions, Kiousi, D., Karapetsas, A., Karolidou, K., Panagiotidis, M., Pappa, A., Galanis, A. 5 Apr 2019, In: Nutrients
  • Propolis Extracts Inhibit UV-Induced Photodamage in Human Experimental In Vitro Skin Models, Karapetsas, A., Voulgaridou, G., Konialis, M., Tsochantaridis, I., Kynigopoulos, S., Lambropoulou, M., Stavropoulou, M., Stathopoulou, K., Aligiannis, N., Bozidis, P., Goussia, A., Gardikis, K., Panayiotidis, M., Pappa, A. 9 May 2019, In: Antioxidants
  • The Role of Isothiocyanates as Cancer Chemo-Preventive, Chemo-Therapeutic and Anti-Melanoma Agents, Mitsiogianni, M., Koutsidis, G., Mavroudis, N., Trafalis, D., Botaitis, S., Franco, R., Zoumpourlis, V., Amery, T., Galanis, A., Pappa, A., Panagiotidis, M. 18 Apr 2019, In: Antioxidants

PGR Supervision

  • Vasiliki Lolou Start: 01/10/2017
  • Melina Mitsiogianni The role of isothiocyanates as epigenetic modulators in malignant melanoma Start: 01/10/2016

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

I am interested in conducting research in the areas of cancer pathophysiology, development of anticancer therapeutics and the role of natural products in cancer prevention.

Furthermore, I am also interested in linking the gap with industry in the areas of bioeconomy, industrial biotechnology, waste valorisation and food security and quality by means of evaluating the toxicity/safety profile as well as assessing a range of health-promoting properties of sustainable, ecofriendly and novel biomolecules towards comercial exploitation.


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