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Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Mark's research has focused on the application of natural algorithms (metaheuristics) to design problems particularly in telecommunications. This has included adaptive evolutionary algorithms, problem-specific heuristics, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, ant colony optimisation and particle swarm optimisation.

Key Publications

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  • J-POP: Japanese Puzzles as Optimization Problems, Lloyd, H., Crossley, M., Sinclair, M., Amos, M. 19 May 2021, In: IEEE Transactions on Games
  • Design and dimensioning of dual-homing hierarchical multi-ring networks, Proestaki, A., Sinclair, M. Apr 2000, In: IEE Proceedings - Communications
  • Minimum cost wavelength-path routing and wavelength allocation using a genetic-algorithm/heuristic hybrid approach, Sinclair, M. Feb 1999, In: IEE Proceedings - Communications
  • Minimum network wavelength requirement design using a genetic-algorithm/heuristic hybrid, Sinclair, M. 19 Feb 1998, In: Electronics Letters
  • Design of fault-tolerant ATM switch based on parallel architecture, Segkhoonthod, S., Sinclair, M. 17 Jul 1997, In: Electronics Letters
  • Evolving simple fault-tolerant routing rules using genetic programming, Shami, S., Kirkwood, I., Sinclair, M. 14 Aug 1997, In: Electronics Letters
  • Finite-source analysis of traffic on private mobile radio systems, Stevens, R., Sinclair, M. 17 Jul 1997, In: Electronics Letters
  • Improved model for European international telephony traffic, Sinclair, M. 1 Sep 1994, In: Electronics Letters

PGR Supervision

Aaron Gabriel Machine Translation for Fairer Hate Speech Detection in African American English on Social Media Start Date: 01/03/2022


  • Electronics PhD July 12 2001
  • Electronics MSc July 12 1990
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering MA March 18 1989
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering BA June 21 1985
  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers MIEEE 1994
  • Chartered Engineer CEng 1991
  • Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology MIET 1991

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