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Dr Reem Refaat Talhouk

Department: Northumbria School of Design

I joined Northumbria University in 2020 as a Vice Chancellor Research Fellow at the School of Design and Centre for International Development. With a background in nutrition, public health and Human-Computer Interaction, I draw on multiple design methods to investigate how technologies and design methodologies can be used in humanitarian contexts. I have used Experience Centered Design methods to work with Syrian refugees in Lebanon to design technologies for food security and community resilience. I have also conducted research in the Middle East, Europe and Australia on the role of technologies in improving refugee and asylum seekers’ health, wellbeing and their everyday sense of security. I am interested in working with humanitarian innovators to understand their practices and work towards integrating design methodologies and principles in to humanitarian practices. I am an active member of the Refugees & Human-Computer Interaction and the HCI4D communities. I am also affiliated with the Center for Research on Population and Health at the American University of Beirut. 

Campus Address

City Campus East 2
Room 202
Newcastle upon Tyne


  • PhD May 11 2020
  • Computer Science MRes September 28 2015
  • MPH June 01 2015
  • Nutrition BSc June 01 2014

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • When the Civic Turn turns Digital, Bjerg Jensen, R., Coles-Kemp, L., Talhouk, R. 21 Apr 2020, CHI '20, New York, ACM
  • Integrating Health Technologies in Health Services for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, Talhouk, R., Akik, C., Araujo-Soares, V., Ahmad, B., Mesmar, S., Olivier, P., Balaam, M., Montague, K., Garbett, A., Ghattas, H. 6 Jul 2020, In: Journal of Medical Internet Research
  • A Call For Embedding Dignity In Humanitarian Technologies, Talhouk, R., Montague, K., Garbett, A., Araujo-Soares, V., Akik, C., Ghattas, H., Ahmad, B., Balaam, M. 5 Jun 2019, C&T 2019, New York
  • Involving Syrian Refugees in Design Research, Talhouk, R., Balaam, M., Toombs, A., Garbett, A., Akik, C., Ghattas, H., Araujo-Soares, V., Ahmad, B., Montague, K. 18 Jun 2019, DIS 2019, New York, ACM
  • In a new land, Coles-Kemp, L., Jensen, R., Talhouk, R. 21 Apr 2018, CHI '18, New York, Association for Computing Machinery, Inc
  • Implications of Synchronous IVR Radio on Syrian Refugee Health and Community Dynamics, Talhouk, R., Bartindale, T., Montague, K., Mesmar, S., Akik, C., Ghassani, A., Njiem, M., Ghattas, H., Olivier, P., Balaam, M. 26 Jun 2017, C & T 2017, New York, ACM
  • Syrian refugees and digital health in Lebanon, Talhouk, R., Mesmar, S., Thieme, A., Balaam, M., Olivier, P., Akik, C., Ghattas, H. 7 May 2016, CHI 2016, New York, Association for Computing Machinery, Inc
  • The impact of digital technology on health of populations affected by humanitarian crises, Mesmar, S., Talhouk, R., Akik, C., Olivier, P., Elhajj, I., Elbassuoni, S., Armoush, S., Kalot, J., Balaam, M., Germani, A., Ghattas, H. Nov 2016, In: Journal of Public Health Policy
  • Refugees & HCI SiG: Situating HCI within humanitarian research, Talhouk, R., Aal, K., Weibert, A., Krüger, M., Wulf, V., Fisher, K., Tachtler, F., Shahid, S., Ahmed, S., Bustamante Duarte, A. 2 May 2019, Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings, Association for Computing Machinery, Inc
  • How blockchain is empowering this refugee community in Lebanon, Talhouk, R., Garbett, A., Montague, K. 28 Jun 2019


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