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Dr Gary George Wells

Anniversary Research Fellow

Department: Mathematics Physics and Electrical Engineering

I joined Northumbria University as an Anniversary Research Fellow in 2013. I gained a PhD in Physics from Nottingham Trent University In 2009, where I won the Sharp, SID 2009, best student award, for my work on wrinkling liquid surfaces using dielectrophoresis forces. Before joining Northumbria I served two years as a Devices and Materials Researcher in the displays laboratory at Hewlett Packard in Bristol.

Campus Address

Ellison Building

0191 243 7610


BSc (Hons), PhD, MInstP

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

My research spans many areas in Soft Matter and Smart Materials.Including dielectrophoresis forces and their applications, electro-wetting with liquid crystals, Self-organising  polymer layers and dielectric elastomers as artificial muscles.

Sponsors and Collaborators

I work in collaboration with Prof. Glen McHale, Dr. Rodrigo Ledesma-Aguilar, Dr. Ben Xu and Dr Christophe Trabi Other collaborators  Prof Steve Kitson and John Rudin at Folium Optics UK.

Key Publications

"Electrowetting pixels with improved transmittance using dye doped liquid crystals" Wells, G. G., Matranga, M. A., Newton, C. J. P., Taphouse, T. S., Baig, S. A., & Kitson, S. C. (2013).. Applied Physics Letters, Vol 103(3),(2013)

"Biomimetic Reflectors Fabricated Using Self-Organising, Self-Aligning Liquid Crystal Polymers." Ariosto Matranga, Sarwat Baig, Jessica Boland, Christopher Newton, Timothy Taphouse, Gary Wells, Stephen Kitson Advanced Materials, Vol 11,(2012)

"Dielectrowetting driven spreading of droplets." G McHale, C V Brown, M I Newton, G G Wells, N Sampara Physical review letters. Vol 107(18), (2011).

"Diffraction grating with suppressed zero order fabricated using dielectrophoresis forces." Gary G Wells, Naresh Sampara, Emmanouil E Kriezis, John Fyson, Carl V Brown, Optics letters. Vol 36(22), pp4404-6.(2011)

"Amplitude scaling of a static wrinkle at an oil-air interface created by dielectrophoresis forces" C.V. Brown, W. Al-Shabib,G.G. Wells, G. McHale, and M.I. Newton. Applied Physics Letters.  Vol 97, 242904 (2010)

"Voltage-programmable liquid optical interface." C.V. Brown, G.G. Wells, M.I. Newton and G. McHale, Nature Photonics Vol 3(7), pp403-405 (2009) "Backpage Interview" feature.

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Research at Northumbria

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