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  • Internal market orientation, interdepartmental relationships and market performance: the pivotal role of employee satisfaction, Yu, Q., Barnes, B., Ye, Y. 24 May 2022, In: European Journal of Marketing
  • Investigating the effect of social media application on firm capabilities and performance: The perspective of dynamic capability view, Ye, Y., Yu, Q., Zheng, Y., Zheng, Y. 1 Feb 2022, In: Journal of Business Research
  • Investigating internal market orientation: is context relevant?, Yu, Q., Barnes, B., Ye, Y. 14 Oct 2020, In: Qualitative Market Research
  • 第6章:基于绩效的医养结合养老服务机构管理; 第7章:国际养老服务经验比较, Ye, Y. 2020, 医养结合养老服务的理论与实践--基于浙江绿康医养等社会养老服务机构的研究, Beijing, China Social Sciences Press

  • Management Science PhD June 01 2021
  • Associate Fellow - Higher Education Academy (HEA) AFHEA 2020

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