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  • BiSR: Bidirectionally Optimized Super-Resolution for Mobile Video Streaming, Yu, Q., Li, Q., He, R., Tyson, G., Shi, W., Lv, J., Yuan, Z., Zhang, P., Lan, Y., Li, Z. 30 Apr 2023, WWW '23: Proceedings of the ACM Web Conference 2023, New York, ACM
  • Low-Illumination Road Image Enhancement by Fusing Retinex Theory and Histogram Equalization, Han, Y., Chen, X., Zhong, Y., Huang, Y., Li, Z., Han, P., Li, Q., Yuan, Z. 16 Feb 2023, In: Electronics
  • VaBUS: Edge-Cloud Real-time Video Analytics via Background Understanding and Subtraction, Wang, H., Li, Q., Sun, H., Chen, Z., Hao, Y., Peng, J., Yuan, Z., Fu, J., Jiang, Y. 1 Jan 2023, In: IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
  • A QoS-Based Fairness-Aware BBR Congestion Control Algorithm Using QUIC, Han, Y., Zuo, M., Yuan, H., Zhong, Y., Yuan, Z., Bi, T. 29 Apr 2022, In: Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
  • ARSD: An Adaptive Region Selection Object Detection Framework for UAV Images, Wan, Y., Zhong, Y., Huang, Y., Han, Y., Cui, Y., Yang, Q., Li, Z., Yuan, Z., Li, Q. 31 Aug 2022, In: Drones
  • Higher quality live streaming under lower uplink bandwidth: An approach of super-resolution based video coding, Chen, Y., Li, Q., Zhang, A., Zou, L., Jiang, Y., Li, J., Yuan, Z. 28 Sep 2021, NOSSDAV '21, New York, ACM
  • QoE Ready to Respond: A QoE-aware MEC Selection Scheme for DASH-based Adaptive Video Streaming to Mobile Users, Shi, W., Li, Q., Zhang, R., Shen, G., Jiang, Y., Yuan, Z., Muntean, G. 17 Oct 2021, MM 2021, New York, ACM
  • A hybrid MAC for non-orthogonal multiple access Unmanned Aerial Vehicles networks, Kalwar, S., Chin, K., Yuan, Z. 1 Jul 2020, In: Wireless Networks
  • Ultra-Reliable IoT Communications with UAVs: A Swarm Use Case, Yuan, Z., Jin, J., Sun, L., Chin, K., Muntean, G. 7 Dec 2018, In: IEEE Communications Magazine
  • Balancing Energy and Quality Awareness: A MAC-Layer Duty Cycle Management Solution for Multimedia Delivery Over Wireless Mesh Networks, Chen, S., Yuan, Z., Muntean, G. Feb 2017, In: IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology


PhD September 30 2012

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