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Dr Jiangbo Zhu

Senior Lecturer

Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

Dr Jiangbo Zhu joined the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering at Northumbria University as a Lecturer in May 2020. Before the Lectureship, he was a Research Associate from September 2015 leading the research in structured light photonics in the Photonics and Quantum Group at the University of Bristol, and worked under the EU Horizon 2020 project ROAM developing key components and optical fibres for next-generation optical communication and switching systems. He was appointed as an Honorary Research Associate by the James Watt School of Engineering at University of Glasgow from 2018 to 2019, working with Prof Marc Sorel on integrated structured light devices. He is currently also a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University of Bristol, continuing the research with Prof Siyuan Yu on all-optical signal processing.

Dr Zhu received his BEng (2010) and PhD (2015) degrees in Electrical Engineering from Fudan University in China. His doctoral dissertation investigated the theories of structured light and developed novel integrated photonic devices for communication systems. His research in structured light has produced over 60 peer-reviewed papers, including two Nature Communications papers and one feature article on Science.

Jiangbo Zhu

Jiangbo's research interests mainly focus on the theories of complex light fields with tailored spatial/temporal/vectorial properties (ie, structured light), the sub-wavelength scale interaction of structured light with matters, and novel photonic devices and applications enabled by structured light physics. The following themes are typically covered in his research:

  • Optical vortex and orbital angular momentum
  • Transverse spin engineering of light
  • All-dielectric metasurface
  • Optical communications
  • Structured light optical sensing
  • Acoustooptics for optical mode control

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Compact and high-performance vortex mode sorter for multi-dimensional multiplexed fiber communication systems, Wen, Y., Chremmos, I., Chen, Y., Zhu, G., Zhang, J., Zhu, J., Zhang, Y., Liu, J., Yu, S. 20 Mar 2020, In: Optica
  • Spin-orbit interaction of light induced by transverse spin angular momentum engineering, Shao, Z., Zhu, J., Chen, Y., Zhang, Y., Yu, S. Dec 2018, In: Nature Communications
  • Mode division multiplexing based on ring core optical fibers, Liu, J., Zhu, G., Zhang, J., Wen, Y., Wu, X., Zhang, Y., Chen, Y., Cai, X., Li, Z., Hu, Z., Zhu, J., Yu, S. 1 Oct 2018, In: IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
  • Spiral Transformation for High-Resolution and Efficient Sorting of Optical Vortex Modes, Wen, Y., Chremmos, I., Chen, Y., Zhu, J., Zhang, Y., Yu, S. 11 May 2018, In: Physical Review Letters
  • On-chip switchable radially and azimuthally polarized vortex beam generation, Shao, Z., Zhu, J., Zhang, Y., Chen, Y., Yu, S. 15 Mar 2018, In: Optics Letters
  • Scalable mode division multiplexed transmission over a 10-km ring-core fiber using high-order orbital angular momentum modes, Zhu, G., Hu, Z., Wu, X., Du, C., Luo, W., Chen, Y., Cai, X., Liu, J., Zhu, J., Yu, S. 22 Jan 2018, In: Optics Express
  • Spin and orbital angular momentum and their conversion in cylindrical vector vortices, Zhu, J., Chen, Y., Zhang, Y., Cai, X., Yu, S. 1 Aug 2014, In: Optics Letters
  • Integrated optical vortex beam receivers, Cicek, K., Hu, Z., Zhu, J., Meriggi, L., Li, S., Nong, Z., Gao, S., Zhang, N., Wang, X., Cai, X., Sorel, M., Yu, S. 12 Dec 2016, In: Optics Express
  • Fast electrical switching of orbital angular momentum modes using ultra-compact integrated vortex emitters, Strain, M., Cai, X., Wang, J., Zhu, J., Phillips, D., Chen, L., Lopez-Garcia, M., O'Brien, J., Thompson, M., Sorel, M., Yu, S. Dec 2014, In: Nature Communications
  • Orbital angular momentum vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, Li, H., Phillips , D., Wang, X., Ho, Y., Chen, L., Zhou, ., Zhu, J., Yu, S., Cai, X. 20 Jun 2015, In: Optica

Currently seeking a PhD student to join the recently established group. If you are an exceptional candidate with an interest in electromagnetics, photonics, AI for optical comms and sensing, please contact:
Previous experience in computational electromagnetic simulation software packages (COMSOL, Lumerical, CST) is desirable. A fully funded PhD studentship is available and more info can be found at:

  • Electrical Engineering PhD June 29 2015
  • Electrical Engineering BEng (Hons) July 01 2010

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