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Academic Registry Senior Team

The Academic Registry Senior Team supervise the delivery of professional and specialised support, providing high quality assurance, enhancement and management of programmes and academic events.  The Academic Registry is also responsible for learning, teaching and student experience policies.

More details can be found by expanding the profiles below:


The Academic Development Officers lead initiatives to support and develop assurance, review and enhancement activity across the University that will positively impact the student experience, KPIs, Teaching Excellence and the achievement of University or national standards.

Supporting and promoting innovation and excellence in higher education, the team lead learning and teaching policy development, implementation and evaluation at both a discipline and institutional level. The Academic Development Officers contribute to Northumbria University achieving successful outcomes in a range of external quality assurance and enhancement activities including Annual Provider Review and the Teaching Excellence Framework, working closely with Faculties, Services and the University Executive. More details can be found by expanding the profiles below:

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