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Academic Support

Academic Support (Arts, Design and Social Sciences)
Academic Support (Business and Law)
Academic Support (Engineering and Environment)
Academic Support (Health and Life Sciences)
Collaborative Ventures
The Graduate School (Arts, Design and Social Sciences)
The Graduate School (Business and Law)
The Graduate School (Engineering and Environment)
The Graduate School (Health and Life Sciences)

Quality and Teaching Excellence

 Ruth Hattam, Deputy Academic Registrar
 Approvals and Review
 PSRB Accreditations
 Regulations and Frameworks
 External Examiners
 Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

Registry Records and Returns

 Melinda Cook, Deputy Academic Registrar
 Award Verifications 
 Certificate Queries
 Congregation Queries
 Disclosure and Barring Service
 Course File Maintenance, Course File Setup
 Exam Invigilation Procedure and Co-ordination
 External Returns, Aggregate Offshore Return
 External Returns, HESA Student Return
 External Returns, Key Information Sets (KIS)
 Student Data Management, Access to SQL Reports
 Student Enrolment
 Smartcard Queries
 Student Records System Training

Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes

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