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Maureen McLaughlin, Academic Registrar and Director of Student, Library and Academic Services

Originally from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, I studied English Language & Literature and later a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at Manchester University, followed by an MBA in Higher Education Management at the Institute of Education (UCL).  Following a brief but illuminating first career as a HMRC Tax Inspector, I have worked in the further education and higher education sector since 1989 and held senior administrative positions, both central and faculty based, in six UK universities (MMU, Liverpool, UWE, South Wales, Gloucestershire and Warwick) as well as the post of Manager of the Committee Secretariat/Clerk to Council at the University of the South Pacific, Fiji.

I was Secretary to the ARC Quality Practitioners’ Group for 10 years and am an active member of the QAA Membership Advisory Group, QSN and CVU Executives and of ARC, AUA and ATEM.

I originally joined QAA in 2009 as an Assistant Director and was Method Coordinator for Institutional Review (England and Northern Ireland). I led on the training and deployment of reviewers, including the introduction of student reviewers in England and NI reviews; led review teams in UK and overseas reviews of UK higher education provision in Singapore and China and the QAA's first formal overseas institutional review of the Macao Polytechnic Institute in 2013.  

I briefly rejoined the HE sector in early 2014 as the Dean of Quality & Standards at the University of Gloucestershire where I led the University through its successful QAA Higher Education Review in April 2015. I have also been an external adviser to a number of UK and overseas institutions on approaches to quality assurance and preparation for external review.

I returned to QAA in autumn 2015 as Head of Engagement leading on the Agency’s wider engagement with the key HE stakeholders. Following a restructure, I was appointed as Head of Universities and Standards, working with cross Agency teams to develop and deliver stakeholder engagement, institutional liaison programme, the redevelopment of the UK Quality Code, and the development and delivery of services, events, and activities for QAA’s key stakeholders: students, institutions and PSRBs.

I joined the University of Warwick in July 2019 as Director of Education Policy & Quality, where I lead the team in the management and coordination of quality assurance, enhancement, policy development and implementation and academic governance across the University. My role was principally to ensure these activities underpinned an outstanding learning experience for our students and that the University had an active voice in national quality debates, both learning from and promulgating good practice in the sector. I have led on the development and implementation of a significant regional partnership development for the University and on a recalibration of its approach to quality to support greater student engagement in a data informed and enhancement led approach.

I am delighted to be joining Northumbria in September 2021 and looking forward to leading the estimable SLAS team and working with the talented professional and academic colleagues across the University  in support of our students to improve their university experience and add further strength to their voice.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, reading (19th century novels in particular), podcasts, cinema, theatre, live concerts, and football (definitely more of a supporter than a player).

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