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Newcastle Christmas Market

Mihail Pandrea Out and about

Many people attach descriptions to various places, judging by the feelings they get when visiting those specific spaces. In my first week in Newcastle upon Tyne, I certainly classified the city as a culture-based one. You will certainly do the same at a first look, but bear with me for the next five minutes of reading.

Human nature is based on spirituality. We take actions, and then build memories, and when we frequently do an action that generates beautiful memories, at a specific date and/or place, we call it an event.

I am a spiritual person, we all are by nature. I love Christmas. Who doesn’t? That time of the year when, no matter what, you gather with your family around the Christmas tree, carolling, dancing and prancing, having a glass of mulled wine and a bite of gingerbread, waiting for Santa Claus, and for the following dinner to remember for the whole of the next year.

No matter where you come from, you associate Christmas with home and family. New city, new people, new spirit, that is what I found in Newcastle. For me, decking the house with lights, taking a walk in the city to see the decorations were usual activities that I used to identify with winter holidays.

You will feel at home in Newcastle, the Geordies being well-known for their kindness, but apart from that you will re-discover the synaesthesia feeling of Christmas in the city, whether you pass by the Fenwick window, or take a trip over the bridge to see the famous “Coca-Cola” Truck or, just spend an enjoyable evening at the Newcastle Christmas Market.

After taking a walk on the enlightened streets of the city, that look tremendous by night I just remembered that home-related feeling of winter, all the memories just popped in my mind and I realised that home is where you feel good. All of this until reaching The Grey’s Monument, where, I was surprised to see a showcase of light, sound, smell and taste - a tale-alike market, bursting in flavour on all its international levels. Starting with German Wurst and continuing with Mulled Wine, Dutch Pancakes, Spanish Tapas, Scottish Stake, French Cheese, Italian Meat Products and finishing with English Delicious Sweets. At the same time, we all know Christmas means gifts and this was the perfect place for me to find a few souvenirs for my family. You can find everything from Russian “Matrioska” to English jackets, gloves and hats.

I must confess that I have felt that Andy Williams was right when singing that this is “The most wonderful time of the year” after spending my evening at the Newcastle Christmas Market and that Newcastle is a place of full of spirituality when it comes to winter holidays.

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