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St Patrick's Day on Campus

Louisa Ruster Campus Life

St. Patrick’s Day is THE national holiday of our Irish citizens. However, as we all know, student kind relishes any chance to have a good time and down a beer or two. Therefore, no matter if you are Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day in Newcastle – and especially on Northumbria campus – is a blast you’ll never forget!

It is advisable to get comfortable with the colour Green before you head into town or over to Student’s Union because you are going to see a lot of it during the day. To celebrate ‘St. Paddy’s Day‘ the fully Irish way, you also want to immerse yourself in anything that is green or has a leprechaun or shamrock on it as these are symbols oft he Irish tradition. A very popular accesory seem to be these elegant Guinness Hats (insert image), if you want to demonstrate your appreciation for the Irish brew.

St. Patrick’s Day at Northumbria’s Students Union is known for being an unreal event. Students start flocking in at noonish and they are here to stay! Yet the daytime event has loads to offer: starting with Irish live music and followed by Irish dancing, the NSU hosts a full building takeover which includes face paintings (if you haven’t got a cheeky shamrock yet), bull riding at Domain, street food, games and loads of fun!

So why do Irish people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day anyway? I am not much of a history nerd so I can’t really tell you a story about it, but what I know from Google is, that the 17th of March is the date of death of the first christian missionary in Ireland named Patrick.  And as far as customs are concerned – well, long story short…it’s pretty much all about socialising and worshipping Guinness by consuming it.


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