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Get Graduate Job Ready 2016

Alya Omar Student Life

If you’re a soon-to-be graduate like myself, you’ve probably received an e-mail at some point promoting an event called ‘Get Graduate Job Ready’. As the title suggests, the event aims to help  prepare us students with skills necessary to step into the working world with confidence.

There were various sessions going on throughout the day. Some of them ran simultaneously, and you could decide which one you wanted to attend based on your interests which was pretty neat. The very first session started off with ‘The Resilient Job Seeker’, where we basically learned how to ‘bounce back’ from situations that we may initially perceive as difficult. For example, I learned that it was important to set ourselves goals, even if they were small ones (which kind of reminds me of a saying we have in Malaysia where small things eventually lead into something bigger!) We also participated in activities such as highlighting what we felt were our 5 strongest characteristics from a chart, and how we can use them to our advantage, as well as some fallacies that we might experience and how we might overcome them.

In another session, we learned how to create a great CV, which I know can seem like a daunting task. As you develop your CV, you might wonder: How much information is too much? Would my hobbies even be relevant to the job I’m applying for? Do these questions sound familiar to some of you? Well, one thing I took away from this particular talk is the importance of formatting and providing concise, yet relevant information. Also, I learned that it’s always a good idea to add your name at the end of your CV file if you’re sending it via e-mail!

However, I must say that one of the most beneficial sessions for me were the ones focusing on international students, since I am one myself. It was honestly nice to see sessions targeted to people like me, since applying for a job here is a whole different kind of experience altogether, and as an international applicant, you definitely want to stand out from your competitors! For example, one needs to be cautious of where they apply, as employers must be licenced to sponsor Tier 2 visas. While there is a list available on the government website, I learned that calling up the company saves the hassle of going through the extensive list. I also learned the importance of networking, like asking potential employers about what they’re looking for beyond the basic job description, which is another good reason to get in contact with the company, be it a general inquiry or one related to your visa.

Overall, Job Ready 2016 was a positive, motivating experience for me, and I would recommend this event to those who are unsure about how to prepare for their futures, as well as those who already have an idea of what they would like to do.

This event was aimed at those leaving University this year but there are lots of events and support that you can tap into from your very first day.  Take advantage of your Careers and Employment Service when you come to University as they’re here to help you get to where you want to be.  The earlier you start the more prepared you will be! Find out how they can help online 

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