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Coming into the summer months can be quite busy, especially if you’ve got exams or deadlines for modules.

What better way to relax and unwind with friends than to hit your favourite spots in and around Newcastle. I have compiled a list of a few of my favourite places, focussing this time on the Quayside. Have you checked them out yet?

In no particular order…


I didn’t expect to like this place as much as I did. The ground floor is home to the Baltic shop, kitchen and gallery, which might not sound like your cup of tea, BUT, it’s when you head on up a few levels that you really appreciate the building and its location. Level 4 houses an external viewing platform. From here you’ve got panoramic views of the river tyne, millennium bridge, the sage, tyne bridge and more. It’s also a great spot for some Instagram content! Level 5 is another viewing box, this time it’s indoors, and has a slightly different viewpoint, perfect for selfies with an awesome backdrop of the quayside. Up one more level is the rooftop restaurant, this is such a lovely place to go with friends to have a delicious meal or afternoon tea, alongside a great drinks menu. And once again, check out the view!

Pitcher & Piano

It was such a lovely day when I visited Pitcher & Piano, the sun was shining, the music was playing and it was warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the fresh summer’s day with friends. Although we didn’t order food, we had the best time. The atmosphere was first class and the drinks menu was off the charts (including non-alcoholic beverages for those who prefer). It was such a great afternoon catching up. Have you checked out Pitcher & Piano yet?

The Quayside

There are some incredible spots on the quayside that are perfect for grabbing a blanket and sitting out in the sun. One of my favourite spots is quite close to The Sage (between the sage and the tyne bridge). There’s a lovely area to sit which is very quiet. You’ve got a view of the quayside and, whichever company you choose (grab a load of friends or have some ‘me’ time) you’ll have a chilled afternoon. There’s also a similar spot on the other side of The Sage, a large grassed area, with so much room for activities!

Quayside Market

Every Sunday, from 9am - 4pm you’ll find a huge array of stalls right across the quayside, from the port-of-tyne up to the millennium bridge. There’s so many things to see, crafts, photography, fashion and not forgetting food! From snacks and drinks to meals and specialist foods, you’re definitely going to find something you’ll enjoy. The stalls are local and there could even be some entertainment too.

The Tyne Bar

Further down from Pitcher & Piano, you’ll come across an awesome bar. It’s out of the way but has some unreal live music, with space to either sit close to the band/artist or to bust a move! There’s a lot of seating outside but even that wasn’t enough when I took a stroll there with a friend. The place was proving to be very popular and some of the crowd had spilled out onto the grass mound round the corner. This was great though as the live music could still be heard and you were able to see right down the river tyne. I’d recommend you check out who’s playing and head on down!

All in all, it doesn’t matter too much where you spend the time as long as you’re in good company. Make time to hang out with those close to you this summer. Have a picnic, listen to some live music or have a nice meal and catch up, you won’t regret it.

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