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Alya's Experience as a Digital Content Creator

Alya Omar Student Life

Hub Advert -350WLike any new job, I was nervous about starting as a DCC for the university.

There were questions to be had, such as “I hope I’m able to fit in well with my colleagues”, “I wonder how I’ll manage my time with work and 3rd year studies” and even “Oh god, what I DISLIKE this job halfway through?!”. Of course, those doubts were quickly dispersed when I was undertaking the job. I really liked working as a DCC. For one, I got to meet and work with some very cool people. It also provided an outlet to do what I enjoyed, such as photographing events, writing articles and doing illustrations for the blog... you get the idea! Plus, I got to work with some cool tech gadgets like a shiny 4K camera and a surface tablet. Most importantly, I enjoyed being a DCC because for me, it was a way of giving back to the university for the awesome three years and I’m excited that I got to see The Hub grow from when we first started to what it is today.

Naturally, a work experience isn’t complete without learning a few things along the way! One of the things learned was not to be afraid to take the first step! I wouldn’t have the opportunity to work with such incredible people if I hesitated in applying for the job. Honestly, it’s safe to say that I know I would have missed out on something big. I’ve also noticed that I’ve grown a bit more social with others than when I first started out, which is always a good thing.

So, if you’re thinking about applying for this position, then I say go for it! Your university experience matters not just on the academic side, but also through the overall lifestyle Newcastle has the offer, as well as the numerous events held both in and out of the university. What better way to talk about it than through The Hub, where it’ll be accessed by many who might be interested?

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