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Interview with a Psychology with Criminology Student

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Meet Gemma, she’s a 19-year-old Psychology with Criminology student, in her first year. We asked her a little bit about her course to get some insight on what her course is like, what it is like to study at Northumbria and why you should choose Northumbria University too!

Student PictureHi Gemma! What made you choose to study Psychology with Criminology?

I chose this course after a lot of research into the different Psychology-based degrees that are available, I knew I wanted to study the interpretation of human behaviour: but what steered me towards the combined honours with Criminology, was the inclusion of crime and punishment which I find fascinating. It’s also a great point of study for me as I’m interested in joining the Police force after my studies.

What motivated you to choose Northumbria University?

An amazing team of lecturers leads the course, they’re all active with research in their respective fields and you can feel their passion for the subject. It’s inspiring to see and really builds up your interest as a first-year student. Also, Newcastle is such a beautiful and friendly city, that is ideal for students – there is always something to do.

What sort of facilities are available to someone at the university?

The facilities are another thing that really drew me to Northumbria, the library is fantastic and has an amazing section for both Psychology and Criminology books. On top of that its 24 hours, which is great for a night owl like me! There are also areas like Escape, which is in the Student’s Union; it’s this cool place with loads of bean bag chairs, it’s ideal just to chill out between lectures, but I also find it useful when I have group projects and we all need to meet up.

What opportunities for experience/skills does Northumbria offer?

So far in first year, my course has included a lot of group work. It’s nerve-wracking at first, but the university is so supportive and really encourages you to become more confident; doing work in groups really helps. It takes the workload off you too, and you get to meet new people!

The lecturers on my course are also supportive with regards to career options and looking into placements. Even though I am only in my first year, they really support and encourage you to think about these things straight away, which means you can focus on your end goals with everything you do. There are loads of mentoring and support sessions available, as well as a number of careers fairs that give you the opportunity to meet employers.

What does studying Psychology with Criminology mean to you?

It’s an opportunity for me to better my skills and build my confidence with a topic I am interested in. After first year, you can tailor a lot of your modules and projects to specifically what you’re interested in, meaning you can focus on what you find interesting. Studying at Northumbria means to me, opportunities for the future, finding my own niche within the subject, and bettering my career prospects.

It’s also an amazing way to meet like-minded people and make friends for life.

So, Gemma, as a first-year student, what would be your 5 top tips for someone looking to start Psychology with Criminology at Northumbria?

  1. Do your research and make sure the course is right for you, there’s loads of information on the staff, current students, and a breakdown of the course online: make sure you like the sound of it!

  2. Attend open days – I got to meet the course leaders and tour the campus, it really gave me an insight into what life at Northumbria would be like; and I knew straight away I loved it.

  3. Ask questions! There are loads of people that can answer any queries you have and they’re all so friendly.

  4. If you can’t attend an open day, definitely at least visit the city! I loved Northumbria as soon as I first visited campus, but I also felt the same way about Newcastle. It’s a whole lifestyle when you move to Uni, so make sure you enjoy as many aspects as you can.

  5. Don’t be too nervous! – It is a scary thing and we all get scared to do it, but it is such a rewarding and fun time. University really is an experience like no other, you study something you’re passionate about, you have a lot of freedom and opportunities to build your confidence, and it’s all just so fun!

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