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Decorating for Christmas on a Budget

Anne Rassbach Student Life

Want to make your flat look cosy and prepare yourself for the Christmas season?

Follow these instructions and create some easy decorations on a budget! Maybe it will also help you to win the Christmas decoration competition in your halls!

The only things you need are paper, scissors, a pencil, a glue stick and some sticky tape.

Paper Christmas Trees

Make lovely little Christmas trees or a whole forest if you like!

You just need a square piece of paper and a pair of scissors.

Instructions -christmas -tree 750

Winter Star

Don't have the time to make a wreath, or just need something nice to hang on your door? This winter star can solve your problem!

You just need paper, scissors and a glue stick. Use sticky tape to stick it to your door.

Instructions -winter -star 750


Not looking wintery enough outside? Put some paper icicles on your windows!

You need paper, a pencil and scissors. Use sticky tape to stick them to your window.

Instructions -icicle 750

Scandinavian "Juletrekurver"

Follow this Nordic Christmas tradition and make some nice hearts to hang on your Christmas tree or your wall. Nifty tip: you can even fill them with sweets and give them to someone as a little gift!

You need paper and scissors. Apply some sticky tape or string at the end to create a hanger.

Instructions -juletrekurv 750

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