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A Day in the Life of a Fashion Communication Student

Amanda Cheng Study

FC StudentHey guys! I originally wanted to make this a video but I’m currently on break and the campus wouldn’t be as lively to shoot now! So I thought I’ll come back to the good ole article. You might notice something different about me that’s because I got my hair done in case you didn’t notice.

So as you guys know, I’m a fashion communication student here at Northumbria University and what can I say? I am in love with the course. There are a bunch of opportunities that come along with studying this course and to give you an example, they offer first year students a trip to New York during the infamous New York Fashion Week annually! Lecturers try to bring in people that are somebody in the industry to give students a chance to engage with them and learn more as well. This helps students build connections early on as well as improve their charisma skills as we need to talk and ask questions.

Being a 100% coursework based course, we do get a fair share amount of work to do. So far I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve been assigned to do and it broadens your horizons in terms of creativity and it gives you the opportunity to experiment with ideas. You also get to work in groups as well as individually. The tutors are always ready if you need any help and they are really fun to be around.  They try their best to make every class and seminar interesting for us. There are also tons of books in the library to help you with work and did I mention that the library carries a whole archive of Vogue magazines starting from the first ever publication? It is magazine heaven over there.

They also have a lot of equipment and studios for us to use for our assignments and when I say equipment, I mean top of the class stuff! My friends and I have used the studio for work and I’ve already got an upcoming fashion film assignment coming up so I’m probably going to spend a lot of my time in there. Mac computers are ever ready in the design building if you ever need them and they are all loaded with design software and ready to use.

Studying fashion means a lot to me because it has been a dream since I was a little girl. I want to be able to reach my upmost potential and I honestly do think the Fashion Communication course here at Northumbria University will help me reach that goal. Being here for only a few months, I’ve already gained so many insights, met with models and also got the opportunity to have a Skype interview with an editor from a fashion magazine. So if you’re interested, do find out more about the course and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as me!

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