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A Trip to Beamish

Mickyle De Las Out and about

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The Beamish museum captures the experience of old England, the historic era. As an international student, the opportunity to explore the elder country only an hour outside of Newcastle by bus (and at only £10) is a must.

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The Christmas Bazaar

Beamish Christmas Bazaar emulates all of the joys of Christmas in the olden days, from classical foods to cultural music.

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The Beamish Carnival

The Beamish Carnival transcends time with its steam-run carousel ride and ice skating rinks, available for all ages to enjoy.

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The Railway

A change from the new, back to the old. The Railway Experience at Beamish showcases the railway structure and transportation system from the early 1800s.

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The Cultural Experience

Beamish museum is a great day out worth experiencing. At only £13.50, it's worth every penny, and is an experience like no other. Seeing the history of the UK gives you a real appreciation of where the country is today.

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