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A Trip to Glasgow

Mickyle De Las Out and about

Coming from far away as an international student, the opportunity to take a leap into the unknown by travelling to Glasgow, Scotland, was definitely one on my list.

That opportunity became a reality over the Christmas season, and after spending around two and a half hours on the train from Newcastle, I stepped foot into Scotland. After watching one of my favourite movies (Braveheart) multiple times before, I half expected Scottish people to be walking around with half painted faces, only to get the second best thing, a strong Scottish accent.

Swimmers -in -page

The artwork and scenery was sensational, as I ventured through town for the day on a CitySightseeing Glasgow Tourbus, hopping off and on at my leisure for only £11, with a camera full of battery power and a smile on my face.

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Glasgow Science Centre & Bell's Bridge

Exposing my nerdy side, I had been most excited to journey to the Science Centre across from the beautifully structured Bell's Bridge, similar to the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle/Gateshead. The structure of both the bridge and the Centre had been gracefully designed for the best experience.

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Opposite the bridge is the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, sitting humbly next to the IMAX Theatre. Full of energy, people walked in and out, exploring the activities that lay inside such as the amusement park and theatre shows.

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To finish the journey through Scotland, I took myself to Glasgow Green, walked through the gardens and saw the Cathedral and a beautiful sunset. My adventure to Glasgow was phenomenal and shall be remembered as one of the great opportunities taken whilst here in the UK. To send you on your way, I leave you with a quotation:

"Don't die without embracing the daring adventure your life was meant to be." - Steve Pavlina

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