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International Student's Guide to Packing

Amanda Cheng Student Life

What To Pack Inpage ImageHey! People that know me know that it is really hard for me to pack light aha because choosing between 2 pieces of clothing is too hard for me. Like what if in the near future I thought I didn't need that tank top and now I'm in dying need of it to match a certain outfit?! But yeah, since I'm came over to the UK I thought I'd make a list of things I'll be bringing!

*This is me packing from MALAYSIA to the UK so things might vary :)*

Things to pack:

  • Winter coats - You don't have to bring too many of these, bring at least one for you to be wearing on the first day you arrive and you can buy the rest there! Unless you found some cheap ones here before heading over, then bring those because they might be expensive there as well. 

  • Jumpers/sweaters - It is a good idea to bring a few jumpers and sweaters too because the UK can get really cold especially if you'll be in the fall intake. You might get tired from settling in and getting your room ready the first few days and might not have the mood to shop for these yet so it's handy to have a few on standby.
  • Jeans - Am I the only one that can wear a pair of jeans for a whole week without getting them washed? Disgusting I know but admit it, you do it too! In this case, just bring a pair of black jeans and a pair of blue jeans since they match with anything. You can get more of them when the time comes while you're over there.

  • Shorts - Yes, shorts. They will come in handy when the weather is acting up and boiling up. You wouldn't want to be stuck with only longs trousers! But you could just lay naked in your room as well. No one's judging haha! 

  • Casual/formal dresses - I'm sure you'll be able to find plenty of dresses while you're there but you can still choose to bring one or two from home. Especially if they are sentimental or you are sure you aren't going to find anything similar for the price you paid.
  • T-shirts/tanks - Yes T-shirts and tanks are a necessity. You can either dress them up or down, or wear them as your PJs. Don't bring too many of these besides the ones you cannot part with because I bet you'll find great deals there!  
  • Shoes - I brought some boots, trainers and flats there. These are the ones that I spent quite a bit of money on and don't really want to repurchase them when I'm in the UK because that will mean spending double while my old ones’ rot at home. Causal flats or sandals that you can get for cheap, don't bring them and find new ones while you're there.  

  • Sanitary pads/tampons - This is for if you're a girl. I bet you understand pain of finding the PERFECT sanitary pad/tampons and realizing the country you'll be going to doesn't carry that certain brand. You can bring a year's worth as it won't be heavy and I understand how hard it is to find THE ONE haha!
  • Local medicine - Bring some local/Chinese medicine along with you. If you're like me, you'll be used to using Chinese ointments growing up and you'll probably won't be any to find them there. It's good to bring a small bottle or two. Leave the Advil or paracetamol as you can get them there.                     
  • Extras - These will be your underwear and socks as well as some stationary. It is also best you bring some photos from home to decorate your room with so it will feel a little homier. The rest of the things can be bought where you are going and will save you a lot of weight while you fly such as kitchenware, bedding, towels, bathroom essentials and such. (You should also bring some heat tech clothing for winter time if you are unsure where to buy them while there).

Well, you can get a lot of the stuff where you're going as well but I suggest you bring stuff that you need and wouldn't be able to find it where you're heading. After coming to England, the extra stuff that I bought were just the essentials like a toaster, rags, dish soap, toilet cleaner and stuff like that that are too bulky you'll be out of your mind if you're thinking of buying it back home to bring!

I hope I was a bit help to any of you reading this! If you don't know what to pack, my advice is to just start. Just start from somewhere and you'll end up thinking of the things you need to bring! Anyways, for those who are going overseas to study or continuing where you are, all the best and you'll be fine!

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