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Life in the Library - a student view of the facilities

Smrithi Kumar Student Life

The library at Northumbria University is ranked joint first in the UK for student experience (Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2015/16). For a bookworm like me, this place is a paradise. The library has books that cover a wide range of topics. From fiction to course related reading material, it’s all here.


The library is a well-lit building with the perfect vibes to make your productive hours count. It is particularly a blessing during the colder months (which is almost the entire year up North). In the cold weather you absolutely can NOT work in your room because the warm cozy bed is always calling out to you.

The library is made taking all your academic needs into consideration. It has high quality printing facilities which is really helpful if you are on an art or design course like I am particularly when I need to do prints on the larger scale A3 size paper.

Library 750 Books Study

The library also has glass cubicles and large screen monitors for your group discussions. The glass cubicles ensure that you do not disturb the other students around you. It has a well-developed search engine which helps you look up any book and allow you to locate it easily on the shelf. This coupled with the automated issuing and return service ensures that there is never any confusion or rush.

Library 750 Group Shop

Library Shop

For those days when you are pulling in an all-nighter at the library for that important submission, the library shop caters to your hungry tummy and also that caffeine craving. This shop is located on the basement and you could take a break to buy a quick snack as you work those grey cells.

NOTE: The library shop does not accept cash payments. It only accepts cards.

Other than books and academic journals, the library conducts seminars, workshops and many other activities which will become an essential part of your student experience here at Northumbria helping you with a wide range of things to do with student life.


The 24/7(during term time) Ask4Help service at the library is wonderful. If you lose an important document, can’t find a particular book or journal, need help with issuing a book or need to know about anything else related to academics, this is the place you need to go to.

Library 750 Ask Careers


Also based in the library is the careers service. The workshops that they conduct here are really helpful. It helps immensely to develop your all-round personality and employability. They can help you to be prepared for interviews and gain the right kind of experience so that when you step out into the real world after university, you stand out among the sea of other job applicants.

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