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Tips for Submission Week

Amanda Cheng Study

Submission Week Image - In PageHi guys! Submission week is almost or already here and I know some of you may be freaking out. Maybe you still have some work to get done and you’re panicking? I know it can be stressful but don’t worry! I’m going to share some tips with you on how I deal with submission week.

  1. Create A Timetable! First thing’s first is to set up a timetable and allocate time for you to do work. This way, you’ll have time for your assignments as well as leisure time. Make sure you follow the schedule though! Truthfully speaking, if we sat down and did work, we could actually complete the work given really fast. A lot of time it is just planning but never doing so setting up a schedule will definitely help. Even it’s just 2 hours a day!

  2. Prioritise! My trick is to do the hardest one you've got and save the easier ones for last. In my opinion, if you do it like this then you get to spend more time on it and freak out less instead of leaving it until the last few days because by then, you’ll be rushing something that you have difficulty understanding compared to the rest. Of course, this way you’ll have more time to ask your lecturers questions and for help!

  3. Environment! Going to the library helps a ton! I find it really hard to do work in my bedroom because there are too many distractions… like my bed. What I suggest is to just head to the library so you can solely focus on completing your work. Call up a few friends to join you and you can help each other out.

  4. Partying Now or Later? Sacrifice some going out time to do work! It’ll just be for a bit and once submissions are complete, you’ll be able to have fun and relax without having to constantly think about it.

  5. You Need Rest Too! Take a break. Sometimes taking a break helps clear the mind and your body to relax. Maybe try going to the gym for a bit or just watch a TV show. This way, you’ll be able to focus more and you’ll also be able to keep then tension off!

  6. Don’t Be Last Minute! Do not be that person that tries to rush everything the day before! It’ll only make things worse as all your work will be rushed and your health as well as your sleeping schedule will be compromised! You wouldn’t want to hand in work that isn’t quality would you?

Those are just some tips that I found useful while dealing with submissions. Of course, the best way is to start as soon as you’re handed the brief! What I did was start the assignment(s) and added bit by bit as each seminar/lectures passed. This way, I’m always on track and I have more time to do things other than spending the whole day just trying to complete it! I wish you guys the best and try not to stress out. Remember, you’ll be fine.

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